“Petal Pushers” ~ new quilt pattern!

Hey ya’ll!

Today on the blog, I am showing my new quilt design, “Petal Pushers.”

Ya know I just love this quilter’s classic orange peel/petal shape!!  I wish I could say I’d been planning it, but it’s just not that complicated.  It just happened as I was playing with extra fused petals I had, determined to use up some fabric yardage this summer!!  Ya feel me there, don’tcha?!!!  HA!  Yes.  The never ending saga for a quilter, right?!

So enter this sweet little quilt… it’s just  simply scrappy, chock full of color on a multitude of many different muted white, gray and neutral printed backgrounds… it’s plain old fashioned fun and very happy!  This measures to about 48″ x 56″ but oh my.  I can see a bigger quilt of course… easily done… and turn the petals into the corner for a daisy shape.  And I can’t wait to turn this pattern into a bed runner for our bedroom that will feature a more creamy warm-toned, natural background with a different color palette altogether.  Love the possibilities ~ as always!

And need I say… use those fabulous black flowers I’ve fused and cut, and simple quilting, and it’s a done deal!!  Fast and easy. Fun and Scrappy.  It doesn’t get a whole lot better than that.  Can’t wait to show you some other ideas…

I just need more time!  LOL.

{Preachin’ to the choir, aren’t I?!}

AND here’s the great news… In case you may be interested, I have made up cute KITS of this quilt, featured in my Etsy store, where you can 30% off, with the coupon code SEPT30.  {so sorry if the prior coupon code wasn’t working} I’ve done most of the work for you in this kit ~  {I’d call it fun actually} ~ all the blocks are pre-cut, and the petals too ~ scrappy, fused and it’s basically Peel n’ Stick!! There’s  84 of those pretty petals,  plus a few extras for good measure!!  Woot Woot!  Kit includes the pattern, {which also has the petal shape included for you to trace yourself} and all the black and white flowers which you will have fun fusing and cutting yourself!  And the other good news?

It’s Border Collie Approved!!  LOL What more can you ask for?!  I hope you like it!

Petal Pushers

The back side of Petal Pushers!

Sketchy quilting technique with black thread around the flower and petal pushers… and white thread in between the blocks.

“Border Collie Approved” ~ well… kinda sorta?!! 🙂

Thanks for coming by!  Bless your day~


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