a day in the rocky mountain front ~ montana

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hi friends ~

i’m sharing pics from our first road trip of the season ~  it was a perfect day! we enjoyed it so much.  {i took over 267 pictures}  yikes.  lots of editing, but i have pared it down ~ lol!  {it will take a couple posts}, so come along for the ride!

we packed our lunch, filled the truck with gas, and headed out early in the morning, eager to see what we could see…

the rocky mountain front is about 60 miles {or so} north and west from great falls. so much to see ~ wide prairies, big skies, luscious green pastures, profuse wildflowers, and gorgeous mountains all framed perfectly in a montana spring day…

we headed west to the beautiful area west of augusta, montana, first.  {there was a house we wanted to check out!}  yes… we dream big, too!

and a new momma white tail deer, and she had a new baby spotted fawn with her, but the grass was too high for me to capture it!

and… oh my… the profusion of wildflowers this year was stunning!

love our montana ~ 
thank you Lord, for the beautiful day!
soli deo gloria

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