A Full Cup ~

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It’s 5:06 pm.   It’s a spectacular {and grateful}  Friday evening.  Headin’ home on my mind.  I turn the corner after crossing the bridge, deciding to go home via River Drive.  To see… what I could see.   I saw the sun sparkling off the river in the late afternoon light.  My heart said  “stop” and take a few; my mind said “let’s get home.”  The heart won, which reminded me I had my camera with me, too.  I parked, and began to meander down the river’s edge path. I stopped to examine a pretty leaf on the tree, and assess the light, when I spot a young man with a little boy, holding hands, soaking in that late afternoon sun, as they walked gingerly on the rocks, wading in the low water of the river.

It’s not about taking a cool picture.

It’s about stopping for a couple moments. Long enough to breathe.  Long enough to well, just l o o k . 

Such a sweet, simple pleasure.  

Taking time to see.  

What a  f u l l  cup.  I’m guessing that little boy will remember that moment ~ those precious few minutes ~ for a long time ~ perhaps his lifetime. {I hope}  It put in my mind a quote I’ve been longing to re-read from a long time ago…

 β€œLife passes like a flash of lightning whose blaze barely lasts long enough to see.  While the earth and the sky stand still forever, how swiftly changing time flies across man’s face.  O you who sit over your full cup and do not drink, tell me, whom are you still waiting for?”
 β€” Hermann Hesse (I first heard this from Luci Swindoll)

What are you waiting for?
Take a few sweet moments …
and…  drink in.

SAVOR your full cup.
Soli Deo Gloria!

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  1. I love how you took those shots, fading the duo out so as not to intrude on their time together. And I love that you stopped to breath and relish in the joy of being. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh yes… drink it in and savor that full cup! Beautiful, Leslie. So happy you took the time to stop so you could share this beauty with us! πŸ˜‰

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