a fun little coiled basket ~ {or two!}

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hi there!

so… i’ve been wanting to do this little project for quite a while now… and of course, there’s a plethora of tutorials on the web, too.  i checked out a couple.  the most recent is from a favorite blogger of mine, alisa burke, and you can find it by clicking here.  bernina also has their own take on a creatively sewn coiled basket; their  tutorial  is posted on the “we all sew” website.

and now here is my creation. only i’m incorporating bobbin play in my version, using contrasting threads, too:

i love how it turned out!  and i also added an embellishment fusing a flower motif in the bottom:

and then the other one has the classic black thread, finished with a spritz of dylusions sprays:

pretty addictive… definitely fun!  

did you notice in the pic above, the tension issue?  well, it’s not really an “issue” per say ~ at least not in this project… but it happened because i just didn’t pay attention to what was going on, as i was so very much concentrating on the coiling. but! i love the look.  since this is the bottom of the basket, you can see that my top tension was not “strong” enough {had to add a few more players {going up in numbers}, to make the two tensions/stitches meet in the middle}.  but no worries, matey!

not bad for a newbie?!  a few knotting issues, getting started… and finishing… next time i hope to do a neater job of it.

it took the more than half of the 100 feet length of cotton clothesline i purchased at the hardware store, and believe it or not… this stuff {the cotton type} isn’t so easy to come by here in my town, as i discovered, after heading to two different hardware stores…  lots of plastic types available, but i didn’t want that type, as i want to be able to paint, dye, and well, do all sorts of other decorative applications.  so i’ve ordered some from amazon.  i checked at joann’s fabric store; found similar products there, but it’s $1.20 a yard, which isn’t terrible, as there is 3 feet to the yard… but given i only got two small bowls from 100 feet… i need to find an inexpensive source.
it was super fun and fairly easy to do, and i look forward to sewing up some more of these little darlings!  but it will have to wait a bit more, as may is busy-busy-busy.  but i can’t wait to experiment with larger bowls, shapes, colors… styles…. and threads… and… {well, you know how it is!}

i’m sure i’ll be showing a few pics of my process, soon.

until then.. the beat goes on!

have a great one!

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  1. Try "pull cord", I think it's 7/16", in the drapery/curtain/blinds area of a "home improvement" store. It's much cheaper, cotton and sold by the foot. The basket looks awesome!!!!

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