a heart of wisdom ~ watercolor and a book

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hi everyone ~

such a whirlwind of activity this summer… and it’s barely begun, and yet… it’s going to end so very quickly!  thank you for reading about rachel’s big day on the blog.  it’s been an amazing blessing to be a small part of it and to watch, and take in the sweet moments with friends and family.  i’m delighted and blessed for sure.

anyway, after a friend saw my watercolor cards at rachel’s shower, i was asked to put her favorite lyric verse onto a watercolor card.  i do like getting special requests… always fun!  {like it’s ever not fun?}  lol  

and per my usual style these days… the microbead stash was called upon to add that little bit of dimension i am so attracted to:

and before i was offered an early retirement, i had picked up this book, “pursuing an intentional life” by jean fleming ~ and so far, i am loving {really loving} it:

and in thinking back into the beginning of this blog ~ 2010 ~ almost five years ago, barely turned 51, so this sentence really grabbed my attention, and it almost felt {almost} like it was just meant for me.  and now as i think about “the next thing” and dream about doing what i love 100% of the time, i cannot help but ask myself {more} questions!  and that’s a good thing…  

such insight is, as usual, God’s perfect timing.  and i while i am truly looking forward to doing more of what i love, i am also prayerfully seeking a heart of wisdom in pursuing all of those desires, dreams, goals and hopes.  to be intentional, thoughtful, and also to slow things up a bit.  pursuing intentional days, to the Lord’s glory, and His alone.  

i’m excited to explore, and so grateful for this time to pursue!  and i’m hoping you’ll come by and see “what there is to see” right alongside me!  regardless ~ it is all well with my soul {love that song} and i’m ready!

after all, it’s a great adventure!  

~ in thankful expectation ~
soli deo gloria

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  1. So much to ponder for sure. I will have to check out this book (although 50 has long since passed by for me…insert smile). Lovely watercolor…a beautiful gift. Hugs……

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