a painted christmas rose ~

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hi there,

this is another painted piece of fabric using the beautiful luminarte silk acrylic glazes you’ve read about here on the blog.  this time i used the paints on dry fabric.  before, i’ve always spritzed my fabric with water.  i like painting it better when the fabric is slightly damp, as i rather like the ‘spreading’ effect and color changes this paint effects.  both are good methods, and ~ very fun to do, too!  the key is experimenting, and letting yourself be creative with the colors.  they blend amazingly well, and theya re so silky-smooth to apply.  i also used an angled paint brush, from sizes 1/4″ to 3/8″ wide.

i like to use prepared for dye plain white fabric ~ otherwise known as pfd fabric.  if you wish to purchase this, just ask for the fabric by that name at your quilt shop.  or you can also order it from dharmatrading.com.  if you purchase just ‘plain ol’ white fabric, {it works just fine}, then all you need do is wash and dry it, using a mild detergent, and no fabric softener.

it’s now dried completely, and i’ve heat-set it with the hot iron {from the backside first}:

i used red colors to begin; one dark, one pink, and added highlights of periwinkle blue, orange/coral and a little dab of golden yellow.

looking forward to adding some thread action! 

have a blessed day.

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  1. Your rose vine is so pretty and the paints look like they already glisten. I bet you painted free hand too, ok time for me to doodle and then I will try this, but only after the holidays. Very lovely..like you Leslie girl! Thank you for sharing about the paints and heat setting on the wrong side of fabric. Does that work for stencil ink too?

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