a rocky mountain goat dressed in his winter blues ~ special sale and bonus

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hi there everyone ~ 

i have so enjoyed interpreting a few of my favorite collage animal patterns, into christmas scenes!

once again, aspen trees as a background, and… beautiful red cardinals, too, pretty in the branches. fused and cut from the hoffman international fabric i wrote about a few days ago, here.

so ~ instead of going with the original style of bright pastels, i chose a color theme of a variety of shades in blues, black and white flowers, gray, and a splash of purple too and a tiny hint of aqua!  i also cut lots of snowflakes!  love him!

those “tula pink flowers” ~ from the “elizabeth” fabric line designed by tula pink. if you haven’t seen this line of fabric locally, you can also see the entire line and the colorways, at hawthorne threads.com.  just click the link to go straight there!

i made his eye out of a flower, that had white on the top, so it looked like an eyebrow, and it also had a green center, and perhaps a bit of snow on top of it!  i fused another smaller flower around it to create a bit of depth. 

i also change dup the background fabric this time, just cutting some black, fused pieces to create the rocks, but i wanted the illusion of snow-covered ground.

i added black stitching, {i love king tut, 40 wt in black, from superior threads!} applying it several times, heavy around the perimeter of rocky’s body, and also using it for the background, alternating the quilting in every other section between the trees, well… just because! it’s different!  i like how it creates a bit of depth and shadow in the background, although it is very subtle.  and the same idea with the snowflakes, which are all quilted in black thread.

the beautiful cardinals have bright, shiny, metallic silver accents… perfect!

here’s a closeup of his “beard”, and a sweet little red and white flower tucked behind a tree…  so much fun!

yes… those red and white flowers… let’s do more of them!  i call them “snow flowers” and i think they are just sweet, tucked around the tree trunks, cutting them in half as well… makes them go farther!

and i’m also offering a discount on the “new” christmassy rocky pattern, 25%.  the discount is for ANY Rocky pattern, whether the original or this Christmas one.  AND, for a limited time, i will include BOTH versions, {beautifully clear, bright, high quality pattern covers} if you request it in the comments section as you order from my etsy shop.

coupon code:  GLORY25 is good on this pattern, too!  BONUS: or ANY pattern you order, until NOVEMBER 1st, 2015.

AND… i will send you highlights of my best tips and hints in a separate handout, which i teach about in my class!  but only until 11/1/2015!  you still… have time!

thank you so much for your business, your time and for stopping by!  i’ve got another new pattern coming out soon… can you say “GO CATS!”  LOL

have a blessed day!

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