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monday greetings to you all ~

well, it’s definitely not “think pink” weather… {but it is warming up!}… good thing there is always sun shining in warm, vibrant and luscious cloth in my world!  

and i count myself blessed to have received a ‘special’ piece of dyed fabric from miss vicki welsh.  it was kinda a happy accident, as when i ordered it, it had gone a “walkabout” in miss vicki’s studio {i totally get that!} and so i purchased other fabric instead, and then… later, when the lost became found, vicki sent it on to me, and i became the welcome recipient of nothing less than a custom-dyed piece of fabric happiness!

with this particular piece, i tried to add feather lines, that ‘grew out’ from the original feathers curvy lines… sometimes it was “ok” and others times… not.  

so i get to continue that lesson in my feather adventures, and i look forward to figuring it out with needle and design.

this is my favorite picture of all the gorgeous colors in this piece:

soli deo gloria

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  1. After a too long hiatus I am starting to read my favorite blogs and play catch up on many older posts too. Just wanted to tell you I just love the little swirl you put on the one side of all those feathers. I am definitely going to have to give that a try. Now to start posting on my blog again…taking a break is fine but getting back to writing has been a challenge and I have gotten out of the habit but plan to start posting again soon.

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