a rosey black t-shirt with free motion embroidery ~

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hi there, happy monday!

well, as i noted in my last post, as i was lamenting the troubles with the bleeding paints… note there is an upside! and that is simply that silks acrylic glazes work beautifully on the black t-shirt.  why?  i don’t know!  i wish i did.  but ~ i washed it and it didn’t run, bleed, nor did it fade what. so. ever!  hmm.  the picture below tells the story, after washing and drying: 

you see that elaborate painting style?  {uhhh not!} … really simple… just some basic “c” shapes, and small ovals, circle-shapes… i blended the paint colors just a little bit… pretty simple.  add a few triangles for leaves, and you’re good to go!

and i finished fine-tuning those simple shapes on my t-shirt with a bit of free motion thread action:

{and i like how the black fabric “shading” shows under the paint color}

and the stars of the show are; king tut, magnifico, masterpiece and fantastico threads, all from superior threads

i kept my threadplay pretty simple, too.  the painting laid down just a color base design, and all i really needed to do was add a bit of enhancement, or highlighting with the threadplay, or, what could be said to be free motion embroidery.

i first began with the king tut, in the center of each flower motif, utilizing the peachy color for a little bit of contrast.  then i went to the magnifico purple and periwinkle for the petals, and the fantastico  variegated green for the leaves. masterpiece {100% 50 wt cotton – beautiful}, was in my bobbin the whole time.  and a 90/14 titanium topstitch needle {from superior as well}.  and a ball point needle… yeah, well, i didn’t have one.  but the titanium topstitch {from superior} worked like a dream, actually.  

i lowered my top tension if i needed to, depending on whether there was puckering, or if the threads were pulling too much one way or another.

so the acrylic paint, the silks glazes are shown with their color descriptions as well as the thread colors. {but i forgot the peach-colored one in the middle of the flower  – sorry about that}.  but… i couldn’t quite let it be.  sometimes that is what sleeping does to me!!  lol.  things… ideas… inspiration sometimes won’t leave me alone.  it happens often to me.  how about you?  so… let me hear what you think about the final detail i added, below:

 and it all begins with your bobbin. and a really beautiful, thick thread.  enter into stage right:  razzle dazzle thread. in beautiful, bright silver.  a black would have been good… but i didn’t have that color… or purple, which i did have…  but one has to make a choice, so there you have it:   

i love the result.  and this will be a beautiful t-shirt i would be happy to wear and enJoy.  would you?

thanks for stopping in!  blessings on a fine day, {or week} ahead!

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  1. I really like the effect on the black. It's good to know it worked well on the tshirt. I'll tuck that into the back of my mind and think about it for a while. I have lots of the Silks.
    Your thread play really makes it shine. How fun it will be to wear it. I like the little highlife with the bobbin work too.
    Did you use any stabilizer on the back?

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