a silk flower and a zippy pouch {or two} ~

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good morning all ~

it’s good to have supplies that cross over!  as many of you may already know, i love to dabble and play with mixed media, creating my own papers and fabrics with paints, sprays, inks… stencils… and well, you know! 

so how thrilled was i that i could take this darling silk flower and turn it into the color i really wanted to go with this sparkling autumn-themed bag?  yup.  really thrilled!

so from bright happy yellow, to a deep, rich tangerine is what i wanted.  exactly.  and it was fun, easy, and fast!

and a few minutes later after it had dried, i free motion attached it to the bag.  and the velvet?  oh!  love the look!  the piece of velvet seen here was embossed with wood stamps, and while it is definitely a high-maintenance fabric, i can deal with it for one small strip or two!  it came from the talented hands of my friend, chris daly, when i purchased it from her etsy shop a couple summers ago!  it is just a small fat eighth size i believe, and it was fun to be able to put it to a happy little pouch, right here and now! 

autumn… almost here… and a cute little pouch that goes with the season, perfectly:

and this time i decided to put a little wristlet on the bag, just to try it out.  it’s such a pretty bag, and i love the tapestry-styled ribbon on it, too.  

and one more ~ once again, in the charming vintage style  using some beautiful vintage lace.  i love being able to use some of these beautiful trims that have been tossed away by others, or deemed unwanted, or unusable! 

i {still!} have a couple more sweet bags to show, as i have been digging through inspiration in the studio!  AND i will  be giving away the atkinson designs zippy strippy pouch pattern. so please come on back ya hear?  and perhaps… there will be more to the giveaway….? 


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  1. Beautiful bags Leslie, especially the ones with a vintage touch. Could you drop me an email, I think our emails are not reaching each other 🙂 Karen Gass

  2. Way to make that flower yours girlfriend!!! Love the new color – it is perfect with that sweet, sweet autumn bag! And I'm sure you spaced your strips to go perfectly with that lace? The wristlet is a great idea 🙂

  3. change the flower colour? of, course. I shoulda thought of that!!! These get better and better. I'll be back. One more post and for sure I'll not be able to resist making these.

  4. So so love these bags!!! I too, scour garage sales for bits and pieces…doilies, etc. I vow to use these someday and these purses would be so awesome! Do you sell the pattern on ETsy?? Look forward to seeing your new creations!

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