A Very Purple Collage ~

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Hey there friends ~

Summertime has arrived!  On the calendar, in the garden, and definitely in the quilting studio!  This beautiful piece of background fabric features a gradient-styled fabric; a commercial quilting fabric, with the fading from dark on the edges, from top to bottom, and quite a bit lighter throughout the middle.  I made this table runner specifically as a class sample, featuring the fabric from my favorite shop, The Quilt-A-Way, here in Great Falls.

What I also love, is the fabulous presence of digital prints–these are gorgeous!  And while they are more expensive also, due to the multiple ink/printing process, they just simply add a magical depth to collage in general!

What do you think of them?

By the way, I have made a pattern for this very project!

IMG_1630 IMG_7359 IMG_7367 IMG_7366 IMG_7376 IMG_7365 IMG_7357And, as you can see, I added one of my favorite quilting motifs, the meandering feather, throughout this piece.

Summertime Beautiful!

Bless your day!

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