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greetings this last friday of august ~ oh gosh, i wish it weren’t so, although a bit of cool and rainy fall weather i pray, is desperately needed here in the west to battle the tremendous fires happening in this area.  the smoke is the worst i’ve ever seen it here in central montana.

back in the sewing studio, a custom order arrived earlier this summer. it contained moda fabric ~ “amberside” is the name, and with it, a vintage linen; an embroidered bread basket linen. cool!  she asked me to design it into a collaged pillow.  i adapted this from my “heart to give” collage pillow pattern, and i just finished it earlier this week. 

after creating the collaged heart, i stipple quilted it with 100% polyester {40 wt} thread, with 100% masterpiece {50 wt} cotton in the bobbin.

 and yesss… there is a new baby in town in my studio; the bernina Q20 mid-arm ~ more on that later! 

i decided to apply a trapunto-styled layered effect under the heart-linen portion for added depth and softness. 

and then trimmed away the extra, following the perimeter of the stitching on the outside edges of the linen {seen above}

i loved those darling sweet hand appliqued corners:

and i added another layer of batting to the whole surface area of the pillow, and then quilted a diagonal line in the checkered border:

this is the pillow top, finished and hanging from the line:

sweetheart swirls in the quilting motif, add to the overall elegance and charm of this vintage linen, don’t you think?

and a few of the tiny collaged flowers; these are only about one inch in size ~ {sometimes cut in groups} or added singly, add a special touch on the perimeter:

and the finished pillow ~ about 17″ will look great stuffed with an 18″ pillow form {all i had on hand was 16″} and i love the pretty coordinated binding, from which i cut some of the tiny collaged, fused flower shapes from ~  ‘amberside’ by moda:

oh… and that icky ol’ smoke casts such a yellow light on all my images… oh for some clear blue skies… 

anyway ~ have a grand day!
soli deo gloria

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  1. Leslie, this pillow is just stunning in every way. What a vision your customer had to use a vintage bread linen to work with. I like that kind of thinking! She certainly picked the right artist to bring it to life. The trapunto gives it the perfect touch! Hoping for some rain for your area soon!

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