a walk under the montana sky ~

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howdy friends ~

we’re pretty spoiled, really.  a few miles in any direction is an easy walk in the country ~ one that is wildly beautiful, and far superior to any walk in a city park anywhere. {in my humble opinion!}

it requires a great cap or hoodie to protect one’s ears from the piercing brisk breeze, but other than that… it’s truly “a walk in the park.”

and even better with a good man ~ and a good dog!


there is an amazing arena of show-stopping venues any which way i looked on this overcast afternoon.  breezy, windy prairies and the snow-topped highwood mountains.  it was just early february and i was surprised by the look and feel of spring in the air…  there were canadian honkers everywhere, enjoying the thaw of the impromptu farm ponds, and of course, those bold, big blue skies and gray clouds that hinted more of rain than snow…


of course, our georgia dog border collie is not only along for the walk…


and she wouldn’t miss an opportunity to snoop, to get her feet muddy, and romp in the muddy edges of the ponds.

but here was the main reason she was along for the ride:

 to chase a bouncy ball full-out down that long space of  country road!


Your steadfast love O Lord, extends to the heavens, your faithfulness reaches to the skies. Psalm 36:5

it’s a very surprising … and wildly early spring here in montana! and it still is; we’ve had consistent 60 degree + temps for almost a month now.

can’t wait to go more!

soon.  very soon!

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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing. I have visited Montana and can only say, Breathtaking. I loved it there. I will always remember the clean smell of the air with wild sage, glacial water and the “breeze” at Beartooth. I am presently working on a beautiful collage, Toni’ s Pony. I would have been lost without your generous and clear instructions. The fabrics you sent are awesome. Best wishes on your endeavor and breath in some of that wonderful air for me. Warm regards, Ruthie Hanson

    1. Post

      Ruthie, thank you for the sweet response; so glad to have you on the new site, too! It’s with great pleasure to hear you are enjoying the collage work; thank you for letting me know, and I’m honored to help any way I can. EnJOY!!! XO

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