a whole latte two good dogs ~ georgia and savannah

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we had our coldest night so far {-15 or so} and a slight breeze, in the november polar vortex, brrr… it’s cold out there!  but after today… it is going to warm up.  that would be warming up alatte… or alittle?!!

good thing there is hot coffee {latte}, and warm doggies! and they do love their coffee!!  lol  {they really only get a sip or two!}

and… they wait patiently. {sorta}

hey missy!  whatcha got there?

oh yes…they can smell the vanilla and the milk!  pretty please mom?!

when i’ve had my sips… it their turn.  and for those {dogs} without long, narrow noses… there is always the incredible long licking tongue of a border collie!  gracious!

does georgia’s face give her desperation away?!  lol  ahhh… we humans know that same ‘gimme coffee ~ then we’ll talk’ don’t we?

and we learn to take turns…

savannah’s tongue isn’t quite as amazing {or long}, but what one lacks in tongue length, is made up in nose length!

here’s to a day with a couple good dogs, a {one} cup of coffee… and a warm home.

i’m thankful!

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  1. Leslie, so good to see you are keeping your doggies warm and happy! I do love your blog pics of your home, pics, and fun time. Keep warm up there my dear friend!

  2. *lol* What funny dogs you have! 😀
    Our old cats always wanted our ice-cream – and they get the a little bit. 😉

    Greetings, Rike

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