a winter’s day adventure with the lacey creek ranch clydesdales ~

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last week began with a day’s adventure, and a {tiny} break from collage quilts!  i went along as the “official” photographer {tongue-in~cheek}.  it was a spectacular wintery day spent on a ranch up in the highwood mountains… with two big beautiful clydesdale boys:  jerry, and ritchie, their owner and also with their handler friends.  we were treated to a little history of their coming to the ranch, the breed itself, and how they are cared for, and how they were harnessed.  now they’re ready to take us for a ride as bob drives them out of the barn.  and just look at that beautiful craftsmanship of the barn! and those horses… aren’t they beautiful? 

we were treated to a carriage ride; one of the finest in the world!  the wind was brutal cold, but we were covered up in wool blankets, and if it had been a nicer day, we would have been able to ride longer, but it was 11 degrees, and the wind was about 15-20 mph.  at any rate… the ride was fantastic.

and our friends from taiwan were able to get a bit of a lesson in horse grooming as they made friends with these awesome animals… this is joseph getting acquainted with ritchie:

no {small} detail was forgotten… and our favorite baby, matthew got to go for a ride, too!  and between blowing bubbles and snuggling in his blankets, he had a great time i’m pretty sure!!  he was so so good the whole time, giggling and smiling at anyone!

ritchie give us a beautiful view of intelligence, grace, and a “where’s my carrot?” kind of attitude!

patricia gets to lead ritchie back to the pasture after being groomed and cooled down. just look at the powerful build of these horses…

below is dice, and he is half percheon and half quarter horse.  isn’t he cute?!  nice little round body, and he had quite the character, too.  he is the ranch’s saddle horse, and he gets a bit of a carrot treat, too!

it might have been cold, but it was a great time!

if we’d had a bit more snow, we would have ridden in the sleigh… maybe next time?

patricia makes friend with dice, and he is a sweet, 
friendly guy… and also looking for {more} handouts!

below is the main house, a perfect setting in this sweet valley of the highwood mountains… atop a small little rise above lacey creek.  this is the lacey creek ranch.  it is spectacular.  amazing.  breath-takingly beautiful… especially when the sun came out to shine on us…

bob, the owner, treated us to a delicious lunch of hot carrot soup, fresh, giant yeast rolls, ham, asian slaw and banana cake with browned butter frosting.  major yummy goodness all the day long.

it was a lovely sparkly day of adventure.  this wasn’t the end of our day, only the beginning, and i have more to share!

i hope i get to go back… and practice {more} photography on these gorgeous horses, and amazing landscape.  thank you guys, for showing us a great time. bless you.

soli deo gloria.

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  1. You can tell it is pretty frigid by the photos. Isn't it fun to show visitors a little part of your world? Great photos.

  2. You are so blessed to live at such a wonderful place! It looks and sounds like a fantastic day.
    Greetings, Rike

  3. Such beauties. We get to see the Budweiser bunch at our local ag fair every year, they are amazing. xox

  4. My husband would be so jealous! He loves those Clydesdale horses. And that baby? Mercy. He's just precious all bundled up from the cold. Your photography skills are spot on. Beautiful.

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