a wonderful memorial day ~

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we had a wonderful celebration this past weekend, and remembering ~ this weekend comes to us all ~ courtesy of those who have served under the red, white and blue… giving their all for all of us.

from our front yard… to those amazing big blue skies.

fresh breezes.  warm air.  a flag flapping quietly…


green fields.

and a sweet graduation ceremony.  one of our favorite girls was the guest speaker.  she did an amazing job!

and good dogs!

 yes.  a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

soli deo gloria.

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  1. I took a trip once with my son out west & I loved the wide open places! As I read your post I was thinking how much I would enjoy taking your classes. So, instead of wishing for something that isn't possible, I have some teen girls that are waiting on me to teach something interesting. Thank you for all of your inspiration and especially your enthusiasm. Time to get to work! Have a very blessed day!

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