a gorgeous hand dyed and feather quilted runner ~

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hi there!

long time ~ no blog post, huh! well… it’s just that we’ve had lots and lots of beautiful, beautiful rain, and no great lighting to take pretty pics.  so… now i’m catching up…i’ve taken lots of pictures, but no time to edit them!  there’s always something isn’t there?!

but i have been really have a great time stitching, piecing, quilting. growing. traveling and teaching!  yay!

it’s all really great!  but i’ll tell ya, i was hunkering to get a piece of beautiful hand dyed under my needle and stitch up some feather works, craving it like a girl needs popcorn at the theatre!  and speaking of theatre, we enjoyed the new movie “my big fat greek wedding 2” with some good friends of ours on a rainy evening recently, and it was really a fun movie to watch.  it’s been quite a few years since i’ve actually been in the theatre.

however. i digress… but  {i’m still craving popcorn!}

the fabric in this piece is by chris daly i believe… i’ve had it for a few years… you know, sometimes you just can’t do anything but look at the beauty for awhile!  this is a snow-dyed fabric, too.  i added bobbin work as an outline around the feathery motif, in a dark purple, the thread is razzle dazzle by superior threads. and the rest of the threads were all 100% polyester: magnifico by superior threads as well.

so fun.  and i can’t wait to bone up on my feather quilting skills again.  soon.  i hope.  very soon! but i sure enjoyed this pretty one.

{and it’s for sale in my shop}

thanks for coming by!




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