Adventures in Grace ~

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“Once upon a time ~
In a time long ago ~
She dyed a lot of fabric…”

Sometimes, looking at my first hand-dyed fabrics just feels like reading a fairy tale from a long time ago, ya know?  SOooo pretty… so much fun to do … but then what!  Not so happily ever after if you lose sight of them in your stash! So I have made myself a promise.  No more sighing, dying, or buying fresh white fabric… until the stash is cut to half! (This goal applies to only the hand dyed stuff, LOL!)

So I just dove in, and stamped that purple ‘g’ and then said (as I always do) “Now what?” Answer: “A border of thermofax screen printed fabric seems like a good idea.” It’s a two-for-one deal as it’s also from my first hand-dyed’s.  I like the white print.  Like the green and turquoise colors, too.  And I think it’s going well with the white stitched words of grace.  (don’t you just love the convos you have with yourself?!) 

The word Grace.  I love that word.  Soft.  Flowing.  Never ending.  A gentle reminder.  Never forget it.

 More feathers?  Why not! And the first outlying feather is done in white thread, as well.  The inside quilted motif is in a golden variegated orange-yellow.  The second set of feathers (below) I switched to a turquoise thread for the outside feather, and golden yellow oops–lime green, on the inside. Not sure I’m done with that set yet… maybe some more hyper-quilting… I’ll think about it.

And the addition of some dainty, small swirls on the ‘grace’ letters. Click “Like.”  Alot!  At least ~ so far!  More to come.  I hope.

Here’s to more ‘living in Grace’ today!


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  1. Beautiful, you are very talented and its great you use it for God's glory
    God bless and thanks for linking up with Winsome Wednesday. Look forward to seeing you next week 🙂

  2. You have inspired me to sit down and practice my FMQ today – thanks! Those feathers are gorgeous!

  3. As usual, your stitching is extraorinary!!!! This piece is so beautiful!! Can't wait to see what you do with the new screens 🙂

  4. Glorious!!! Amazing to me how your work just flows out of what is in your heart and it all just comes together so beautifully! I WILL learn how to make feathers like that someday =^..^=

    PS – SEW nice to know I'm not the only one who talks to myself :*)

  5. Love your new piece! Your quilting is so beautiful.

    Re: the faux leather – I don't usually peruse the fabic section at WalMart, but I happened to go there today for a notion I needed. I took a look at their fabrics, and lo and behold – they had some faux leather. I know WalMarts differ in what they carry, but I just thought I'd let you know!

  6. This is beautiful! The three little girls in my home would be awed and inspired. They would flourish under an artistic hand like yours 🙂 They have a mommy who can't even draw stick people, let alone create gorgeous fabric designs. Love how God's made us all differently. Thanks for stopping by the Overflow, too!

  7. This is gorgeous. You've sure raised the bar on feathers. But graciously! LOL Oh and I like how you talk to yourself. :^)

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