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Hi there!
Yesss… I LOVE GLITTER!  And I am so loving making handmade Christmas cards this year. The roses below, are gessoed scrapbook paper.  The rest are done on watercolor papers.

 I‘ve had to make several trips to the craft store, to find envelopes that match this 6×6″ size of watercolor paper {pic below}. I never knew it could be such a challenge.  When we went to Billings, I looked at Hobby Lobby too, and they only had two packages of envelopes, and the same was left at MichaelsWhat the heck?  Must be a popular item this year…

 As I had to ~ just had to ~ go back and find some of that sweet, old-fashioned glitter; it’s so large and chunky, and I really like the look of it.

 It’s been fun to practice my drawing, too… and I am loving getting my fingers all gluey and glittery!  {hope the vacuum likes it too!}  LOL! Isn’t it just so fun?  I find {as I’ve grown older} – I do really enjoy the sentiment of the old-fashioned Christmas.  I remember some of my grandmothers items, and know that even though they were plastic, it was the memories surrounding them that make them special to me now.

 The card above is my version of jingle bells… it may need a little work, yet.  I needed to really keep it gray, but I wanted to play with the pretty blue Neo crayon!  And the card below is the ornament.

So… do YOU like glitter?!!  {Inquiring minds want to know!}


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  1. I made little Christmas coasters with gold in the fabric and tied them up with glittered ribbon. Some of the glitter fell off onto the coasters, and it was just a nice touch to the little package!

  2. YES! Although I do not use it nearly enough… but I think it is just so pretty. I love all your glittery touches. Beautiful! 🙂

  3. I always love bling, and these cards are lovely! I couldn't even decide which one was my favorite. I got stuck between the Christmas tree and the ornament. You did a great job Leslie.

    Happy Creating!

  4. These are beautiful! I do glitter, but yours looks way more sparkly. I'm using the fine powder. There are no craft shops to visit near here.

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