And… the Winners Are…

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Thanks for knocking my socks off with your comments.  
I’d show you a picture of sockless feet… but who really wants to see THAT… so I put them back on… 
 (aren’t you glad!) 
Here’s a picture of my very cool and stylin’ “Duck Socks” —
 a birthday gift from my Sis Lisa.  
Aren’t they CUTE?!!  
(You don’t know how hard I am resisting the Quack jokes)
Anyway, she got them for me to quilt in, 
as I like to quilt without shoes! 

Okay…  on to the major feature of today’s post. There were eleven comments, and so pretty good odds on winning something, I’d say! And I decided to sweeten the pot.  Cleaning does have it’s rewards!  I found two extra copies of a favorite resource; free downloads from Quilting Arts, entitled: “How to Bind A Quilt: 12 NEW Quilt Binding and Finishing Methods for Your Art Quilts”  — in color!  And great color, I might add; had them printed at Staples awhile ago, and just found that I had a couple extras from give-a-ways at classes. Three-hole-punched even!

Then… two fat quarters of my hand dyed fabrics.
One in blues and pinks (above) and one in a pinky-coral-orange combo (below):
And …. yardage of my hand-dyed rayon ribbons.  There are three of these sets in two-yard bundles, containing at least two colors, (or more!) and at least one yard of each. 

 And lastly… six YoYo’s!  There are four large ones, and two smaller ones… all in spring pastels. 

It kinda started to feel like I should be singing the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” — but we’ll just say Happy Easter! I hope these are pleasant surprises for you all, as it was sure fun for me! Oh!  YOU you want to know WHO won WHAT?  Drum roll….
1. Terri Stegmiller — Jane Davilla’s Surface Design
2. Mary Ann Van Amp—  Sculpted Threads Book
3. Noeletta — Fenced In Pattern by Laura Heine
4. Pamela — QA Binding Resource
5. Holly — QA Binding Resource
6. Linda Sue — Fat Quarter  in Blue/Pink
7. Happy Cottage  —  Fat Quarter in Pink/Coral/Orange
8. Joanne Sharpe — Hand-dyed ribbon
9. Semansky — Hand-dyed ribbon
10. Robin — Hand-dyed ribbon
11. Annette — Yo-Yos

Remember… if you are an anonymous commenter, you must  email me your physical mailing address (through my profile on the blog) by Monday, April 18th at 8pm.  Please allow a week for me to get everything together and mailed to you, free of charge, of course.  If I missed anyone, please let me know!

THANK YOU for sharing with me; it was much joy for me, and I hope it was for you, too.  May you all know God’s abundance and grace.  Have a great weekend! 

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  1. WooHoo! I won! Leslie, my email is I'm sorry I can't find your emal here…probably is staring me in the face and saying….Ha,Ha! Let's hide under her nose!

    I am looking forward to the fat quarter…thanks so much.

    Linda Sue Johnson
    Azle, TX

  2. Holly… cannot email you through your Blogger profile. It would probably be easier to mail it, but I can drop it off at Bernina sometime if you go there? Let me know!

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