Angel Tree and detail pic from art quilt “THE FLATHEAD”

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I have made a career  in Federal Court here in Great Falls for the past twenty five years, where  I have been a courtroom deputy, working mostly in criminal hearings, trials, etc.  Here is something that is so incredibly life-changing, HOPEFUL, and full of the Spirit of CHRISTMAS… the organizational link to ANGEL TREE is above.  This is the deal… these people deliver presents on behalf of prisoners; moms and dads — to their children for Christmas!  What a holy calling, a great example of living our lives as the Church, and a wonderful, special cause I wholeheartedly support.  I hope and pray you will too!  Merry Christmas!

Detail pic from my Art Quilt: “THE FLATHEAD”  I attached this because it reminded me of the sparkle and magic of a child receiving presents.  I had taken pics of our ornaments on the tree… but decided this was better suited to “Angel Tree” — what do you think?  Blessings to you all!

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