Angelina Fibers

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Ahhh… Angelina – fibers, that is.  Forget Angelina Jolie… these fibers are the real stars!    
Translucent, iridescent and beautiful combinations are yours for the making!

Just a quick 5 seconds or so with an iron!  Heat those fibers longer, and they will change to a darker color… which you may be after?!

PRESTO!  They bond to themselves, and you can peel them right off of the teflon sheet (or parchment paper or tissue paper).

and… instant gratification, I might add!

The sky’s the limit… so ‘get you some’!  (borrowed from Toby Keith song!) 

Tomorrow I’m finally ready to reveal my completed “Summer Shimmer” quilt that showcases Angelina fibers, Textiva film and bobbin play with free motion quilting.

In Great Falls, you can easily purchase Angelina fibers and Textiva sheets at our  Bernina Silver Thimble.   Get more ideas and lots of cool inspiration in this book; still in print, I believe! I’m pretty sure there is an update too… I think I remember seeing a newer book called “Between The Sheets With Angelina” — can’t say it’s not a clever title, but I will say… NO MORE! 

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