The Apple BLOSSOMS are here!!!

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The apple trees in our front yard are giving us quite the show this cool, rainy spring!  

I’m very excited about my pictures.  I popped outside into the front yard — frequently—sometimes even in the rain and if it was early morning, in my robe! Yes…I’m sure I am cheap entertainment for my neighbors! 

 and then when the clouds parted for maybe… 6 seconds… out I went again! Love the bright green!

and how I love the LIGHT… I was rewarded richly…

… those beautiful, soft-as-a-baby’s-behind blossoms in dreamy pinks and creamy ivory nestled among the gorgeous green!  AWESOME!

Amazing, how after just a few minutes of sun… the blossoms are opening.  This was taken later in a brief interlude (more than 6 seconds) of Mr. Sunshine on Sunday afternoon.

Those were among the many gifts I received this weekend from our wonderful Creator God!

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