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I got my little freckled faced fingers good and painty for a little bit last weekend ~ printing on fabrics this time — funny little moments of joy, as I oooh and aww over these gorgeous colors, textures, and future possibilities!  Naturally, I turn to one of my favorite Stars of the Big Screen – The Thermofax Screen, that is!  {is there any other kind?} Enter stage right:  Margaret Applin.

Margaret makes swirly screens that twirl and whirl  around my fiber artist heart!  And I’m still on a “white” paint kind of thing.  It just sparkles, {i think} ~ especially on a hand dyed fabric.

But of course, why not try other ideas of color? Color, Color, Color.  Mixing up blues, pinks and yellows, greens and turquoises.

The most challenging thing for me with thermofax screens is to remember which side is which!  I sometimes forget to lay the screen down on the ‘right’ side – the (previously) unpainted side, so to speak.  You know what I’m going to say, right?  Yes, I uh, didn’t do that … and the print above is the result.  Kind of cool, though, isn’t it?  It’s like painting it twice, in one fell swoop!  Hmmm… interesting!  Perhaps I’ve found something ELSE I like about this technique!

I never tire of swirls.  And I so love to quilt them.   Of course, I’m not done quite yet. But I wanted to share just a bit of a teaser that I find quite exciting, so here’s my screen-printed “Applin-of-my-Eye” flower!  (forgive the pun, Margaret!)

This has been a fun project.  I like the white… and the black thread on this piece so far. Not sure when I will finish this up ~ but I am loving ‘the getting there’ and will post more details… soon!

I truly hope you are enjoying a fruitful, restful, and joyful, and perhaps… a swirl-ful summer?  Cuz that is what it seems like.  Swirling and whirling about me, faster than water splashing out of Georgia’s pool!  {and that’s a alot of splashin’!}

EnJOY the getting there, and put a few swirls in your life!
P.S.  You can visit Margaret’s Etsy store or her blog to find out more.

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  1. Margie – the pleasure is all mine, believe me!! Thanks for such delicious designs that speak to me creatively.

  2. See now I know I would sell a lot more screens if you demo'd them all!!! These came out AWESOME!!! I love the multi colors printed on the background funk!!! and can you say "DROOLING" over the flower!!!! Thank you for pairing my designs with your spectacular fiber art!!!!

  3. Applin of my eye! Swirling and whirling faster than water down a pool! LOL You are in rare form today. Good for you. I wish there was some cool air swirling about my studio today. ooooh!

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