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This talented lady— Ms. Joanne Sharpe has a terrific, upbeat, kind of flamboyant style I really admire! I find it not only beautiful, but I adore the handwriting and words in her artwork.  I only happened to discover her as I was browsing the classes and dreaming of attending the CREATE retreat.  And so that is how I discovered her! A good way to describe her art is the title of one of the classes she is teaching:
“Color Blast Buffet” Art Journals (6 hours)

Date: Wednesday, May 18 Time: 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Technique: Art Journaling/Book Making
Instructor: Joanne Sharpe
Price: $145.00
Materials Fee: $15.00 

This retreat is sponsored by Quilting Arts.  I so wish I could go!  I wanted to know more about her so I searched and found her BLOG.  The COLOR she uses… grabs me by the heart!  The style… is absolutely sparkling.  And the whole piece makes my heart sing!  The first picture is one of her latest… and my most favorite so far.  Amazing texture. Terrific words.

Enough talk!
On to the ART!

Please note Joanne’s art is copyrighted:
©Joanne Sharpe 2010 All artwork, design concepts, text, writing and photos are copyright ©Joanne Sharpe. All rights reserved. Please do not use any artwork, designs, quotes, photos or content from this site without explicit permission. The designs, art and text on this blog for personal viewing only and may not be copied, imitated or sold in any form.
Joanne was kind enough to give me permission to put her art on the blog and … admire!
Thank you Joanne for your friendship in ‘blog-land’ and more. And for the sharing of the talent God has so clearly and divinely placed within you!
And the “masterpiece piece” (as I call it), below, inspires me to remember that my work life at the court is to be a masterpiece as well.  Giving my best there is to the glory of God, (which I need reminding of often!) as He is the great Masterpiece-maker!

And she makes some pretty amazing stamps that hold great appeal to me, personally. Check them out here on her blog! 
I asked Joanne where we could find and buy her art and she informed me she will be opening up an Etsy shop at the end of April for artwork and prints!  I can’t wait!  She tells me you can also order her stamps at Ellen  
I am so excited for her!
AND… you can “like” her on facebook here, too!  That way you won’t have to miss any… fabulous inspiration!  I hope you will take a minute or two or three!  
I sure hope you enjoyed her beautiful creations!

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