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Her art is joyful … happy … colorful… textural.
Charming Jewelry pieces… one of her many creative expressions…
Katie happens to also be a wonderful teacher, an incredible supporter and friend to so many folks.  She  is a dedicated organizer, promoting and bringing amazing art to a remote rural area of Montana, my hometown in Chester, MT, located 40 miles south of the Canadian border, smack dab in the middle of the prairie, like much of Northern Montana! Population?  1000… maybe!

What a blessing and a cool drink of water Katie is!  If you’re ever driving east or west on Highway #2, in Chester, MT, please stop in and check out the Liberty Village Arts Center. It was a beautiful old Catholic Church that has been re-purposed for art.

I NEVER get tired of looking at the coolest details of Katie’s note cards.  I have used her artsy cards in my art quilts!  See “Live With Intention” here.(I did have her permission, FYI!)

Ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree; lovely layered & textural designs.  I have mine hanging year-round from my dining room chandelier so I can look at it daily. 

Terrificly creative flower pins!  I LOVE wearing this one, and have given several as gifts.

Mobiles, mobiles, mobiles!  They’re so charming! So playful! And so… FUN! Why stop at just one?  (Well, I have to!) LOL. Perhaps you won’t need to?! They also make lovely gifts.

I adore the mobile Katie gave me, which is hanging in my sewing studio.  I could probably have one in every room!  Who doesn’t want one to just cheerfully shoot the breeze!’

A dancing mobile makes me happy just to look at it.

Oh, and how about a checkbook cover! This was a gift from my Mom, and I love all the textures.

Can’t have enough pins! You probably know by now, (if you’ve checked out my blog) how I adore pins! 

Did I mention JOYOUS!  Yes, she is!  She encourages me.  Yup, I’m a HUGE fan.  I should be.  She was my high school Art teacher in 1976! Aren’t we ALL so lucky to have had exposure to such great teachers in our life?  
Teachers have a powerful ministry to us all.

  And, all of us have one, teacher or not. 
Ask God to show you yours!
Katie has been, and continues to be a wonderful mentor. Her sweet enthusiasm is contagious. Amazingly, I was so fortunate to connect with her quite unexpectedly at my neighbor’s backyard barbeque several summers ago!  She just happened to be best college friends with my neighbor’s daughter! So, 30 years or so later I am blessed to call her friend, 
and to thank her for being a fabulous teacher.

 Thank you “Mrs. Twedt!”  I love you.  You are a beautiful gift, and we thank God that you share so willingly, giving of all your God-given talents with so many others.  
We are thankful!  XXOO

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