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This was a great find!  I went to JoAnn Fabrics over the weekend for some notion supplies, and (as always) I glance through the books on my way ‘passing through’ (lol!) and look what I CAME HOME with!

 Gotta love the deal; I had a coupon for 50% off the book, and another one for additional 20% off of everything.  Regular price of the book is $24.95.

I recently saw a bonus (15 minute) piece The Quilt Show posted about a fabulous quilt artist, Patty Hawkins.  I too, have always loved the Aspen trees.  And I want to share with you something she said on the show, and repeated in this book…

 “Wabi Sabi”  – the beauty of perfection in imperfection!

 And I have long been an admirer of Barbara Olson, a Montana lady who’s bright colored quilts have always fascinated and drawn me in.  Don’t you just find that quilting fascinating?!!  I DO! I do, I do!  Amazing!

 If you find this book in your store, I hope you will take a look, and consider adding it to your library, or coffee table, for that matter!  There are at least 140 quilts featured inside.  Take a deep breath and be prepared to have it taken away! 

A real deal at about $10 with my coupons!  Gotta love it!

EnJOY your day! 
I’m off to teach free motion at the Quilt-A-Way today.  Hope you’re off to finding some WABI SABI!

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  1. This looks like a beautiful book, know you will enjoy every page. I love to collect cook books,I am not a great cook, but am always fascianted by how other regions of the country eat.

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