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hi everyone ~

i feel like i’ve been on a walkabout of sorts, but it’s actually been more of a ‘sickabout’ as my good health is went missing for the past week! lol and ugh. it seems an allergy inflammation ~ somewhat misdiagnosed, turned into infection in my sinuses with enlarged ‘nose polyups’ {whatever!}  and quite painful ~ so much so it hurt to put my glasses on my face it was swelled so badly.  wowzers.  several trips to the doctor, x-rays, and a week later… i feel like i am turning the corner back to ‘normal’ {of one kind or another!} lol 

sooo… several weeks ago, i began painting on a beautiful plain white piece of prepared for dye cotton fabric, using those beautiful silk acrylic glaze paints by luminarte.  these are just sweet to paint with. they have such beautiful luminosity, color and rich, flowing, silky-smooth texture.

after letting the paint dry, and heat-setting with an iron, i began the quilting process.  i’d begun quilting the stems, and adding silver glitter thread as a highlight when the ‘nose storm’ hit:

 and all of the threads {from} seen below, went into the quilting of this piece:

 the first thing i did to begin quilting this piece, was to quilt the curving branches, and stems.  this left me with what i call a ‘road map’ on the back side.  that’s when i turned the quilt over to the back, and quilted those same branches and stems with a black and silver razzle dazzle.  {love love}.  why black?  it seems wintery to me.  and the silver?  well, that’s the frosted branches!

of course, i added variegated thread for each of the leaves, switching out multiple times to get the thread color combo i wanted.  and i chose to do that with something new to my studio, and to my quilting:  fantastico by superior.

 now, i’ve shared my secret {above!}.  but it’s really no secret.  do you read the information that superior makes available on their website, for each thread?  it’s great info, and they truly want you to have a good time, and of course, they want you to use their product, so it’s behooves them to tell you the ‘secret’ on how it can be successfully used! glitter thread is a bit of a glamor queen, and something of a delicate, high-maintenance diva!  but it’s truly as simple as the formula i’ve stated in the picture, as far as the thread action goes, that is.  you must use a  90/14 topstitch needle and quilt a bit slower.  this thread isn’t one for the speed zone, that’s for sure.  then ~ expect some glamorous, exciting results!  {and i have it in all the colors, and have used it this way successfully… for many years.

i used a bit of king tut {40 wt egyptian-grown cotton thread} below, for some shadows and emphasis on the wintery-looking branches, and just a bit on the leaves, here and there.  masterpiece was in my bobbin the whole time.

below:   the dynamic duo of quilting with metallic thread {of any type or kind!} in my experience:

 and below, a spool showing fantastico.  this is why i ordered a couple spools to try:

  • Ideal for embroidery and quilting.
  • High-sheen allows the thread to reflect color vividly and clearly.
  • Precision-dyed one-inch color change.
  • Unlike many other high-tenacity trilobal polyesters, Fantastico is ‘heat set’ in processing which eliminates shrinkage.
  • Fantastico consists of 48 micro filaments x 4 ply (2 ply x 2 ply), for a total of 192 micro filaments resulting in spectacular sheen and strength.  
  • and i was not disappointed.  this is definitely a brilliant thread, and i will keep on using it!

 this is the backside.  i used a yellow masterpiece {50 wt extra long staple, egyptian-grown cotton} which is the best in the market, in my opinion.  the white thread you see below, is the bobbin thread – superior’s “bottom line” by libby lehman, for the silver metallic glitter thread on the topside.

and finally, i quilted the soft white background with white magnifico. and i’m so pleased with the overall look of this piece.

disclosure: i am not a paid consultant for superior threads, and i receive no compensation for promoting their products, either financially or otherwise.  i have used their threads extensively for many, many years, and love the quality and integrity of their product, and most of all, the education this family-owned company promotes to the sewing and quilting enthusiast!
{linking up with connie and friends here!} 
 soli deo gloria!

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  1. Okay, you inspired me! lol I ordered 2 Razzle Dazzle as well as 2 "try me" Fantastico, from Superior threads. Can't wait until they get here. 🙂

  2. I always enjoy a trip to your blog. So glad I stopped by today! I think you should reproduce that fabric on Spoonflower so I can buy some and when your students are taking thread painting classes from you they will have a template to follow.

  3. What a beautiful piece! I have all those Silk paints, ordered when I took a course. I really must try them on fabric.
    I sympathize with your sinus issues. I have allergies and polyps too. I've had them removed several times and may have to again. Flare ups are not fun. Singulaire works great to control them.

  4. What a beautiful piece! The white background sets off both your painting and beautiful thread work! Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

  5. Leslie, I am SO glad you are feeling better. Sending you tons of healing vibes, prayers and white light!
    This piece caters (even more) to my S.O.O. (Sparkly Object Obcession). 😀 Just gorgeous!
    Silly questions: are the Luminarte Silk Acrylic Glazes permanent/washfast on the fabric? Have you ever used Golden's GAC-900 or any of the other fabric mediums?
    Now, take good care of you and keep warm. Don't make me come out there! lol
    Warmest hugs,
    Christina in Cleveland

  6. I too love Superior Threads thread. Sad part though is that it is hard to find their threads where I live, other than King Tut, so I have to order the other threads from their great website.

  7. absolutely beautiful! maybe you should be a paid consultant 🙂 you have done their product proud lol Hope you are feeling better- take care -sending healing hugs !

  8. I truly hope you are well on the way to feeling better. I love this table runner. The threads make it totally glitter. I will have to work up the nerve to try them. Prayers for your health. Be blessed!

  9. I truly hope you are well on the mend! This is a beautiful table runner. I love the glitter effect your threads have given it.

  10. I love this. Beautiful work once again, Leslie! This design would lend itself so beautifully to a circular shape. And your description of the threads makes me want to order them all and play..Oh and glad to hear you are on the mend-your lack of presence online was noted.

  11. You are really something girl! Your work makes me smile, inspires me and makes my husband hungry because I walk away from dinner prep to go sew! Hahahaha… Thanks for sharing your masterpieces Leslie…

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