Austyn Update and Rowan

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Praises!!!  Just look at that sweet face! This is Miss Austyn Mae who has been home here in Great Falls for a whole two months, now!

Some of you have written and asked me whether there was information about Austyn, who was born with a cancerous tumor in her leg, and underwent chemotherapy for several months.  Austyn was life-flighted out of Great Falls to Seattle.  Recently, Austyn’s Mom,  Justine, wrote as an update on Austyn, dated last Friday, June 15th:
 “A little update on Austyn Mae. We been home now for 2 months and it feels amazing for life to be normal 🙂 Austyn is growing up so fast. She now weights 14 lbs! She is rolling over, blowing bubbles and screeching. She is such a happy baby and the love of our lives! We go back to Seattle July 3rd for a checkup. When they removed the tumor there were still cancer cells left behind but there’s a good chance it won’t metastasize or regrow. Amen! But it’s still a little scary and prayers are greatly appreciated 🙂 thanks for all the support thus far and we will keep up to date!”
THANK YOU Father God, for all you do, both seen, and unseen.  
And thank you for your prayers for this sweet, young family.  Please continue to keep Baby Rowan; aka “Rowan the Fighter” (see his facebook page under that name, or click link above) in your prayers, too.  What a blessing and treasure of love we share together when we pray together… no matter who it is. 
Rowan is, as far as I know, still undergoing chemotherapy treatments, but this was an update posted on Rowan’s Facebook page June 1st:  “So about an hour before Rowan was scheduled to start TPN, Justin thought he seemed hungry so he gave him a bottle. Our little fighter hasn’t looked back since. There have been no instances of nausea or vomiting since that time and he is eating about double what he usually does and gaining all of his weight back. We are so glad that he avoided TPN and extremely grateful for your prayers! Thank you so much for praying for Rowan, within hours of my post he did a complete 180.”
 Rowan recently celebrated his first birthday!
If you’d like to send a card to the family, here is an address where they are staying in Denver while Rowan is undergoing chemo treatment”
Brent’s Place
C/O The Flatens, Apt 202
11980 East 16th Avenue
Aurora, CO 80010
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Thank you for ALL your prayers!  
Thank you Abba Father for your healing touch, grace and mercy, and endless love.  Amen.

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  1. Thank you Leslie for keeping us up to date with Austyn and Rowan. I will continue to pray for God's healing and restoration for these sweet babies and families. I can't imagine the pain, life changes and struggles. Many prayers!

  2. Hooray for answered prayer!! We've seen it here recently, too, and it's such an encouragement to keep praying. 🙂 He cares.

  3. Oh Leslie, that warms my heart to see those little ones and know they are doing better. All the prayers and positive thoughts must be doing some good and lifting the family up as well.

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