autumn daydreams ~ version one…

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hello and good morning ~

autumn ~ truly a golden time isn’t it?  

a season chock-full of delights, highlights ~ and perhaps even ~ insights.  it changes every day.  and it’s definitely full of inspiration and blessings for me. 

it also heightens my tactile sense, as i love to touch leaves, study the colors, the decay, the lines, shape and forms. to pause, and really … really… look at what is right in front of me.

and i take that inspiration to the studio, to blend, play and experiment with the fall glow that only a hand-dyed fabric sings to me about.

from the hands of vicki welsh

to the bed of my sewing machine.

those blue skies and orange leaves…almost “leaf” me breathless {bad pun, but so appropriate!} lol  

that blue and orange makes me real happy.  and then… a little bit of brown for the quilting outside of the feathers… not so much.   {just sayin’}

in hindsight?  perhaps a light orange/coral/peach… hmm?

the backing. i love beautiful backing fabrics that accent the front, and also highlight the quilting.

and i found the perfect {and a favorite} hand-dyed rayon yarn to couch into the seam of the binding.  it’s luscious.  tactile.  and the color is delicious.  

thanks for coming alongside me in my autumn daydreams, and stitching seams!

version two coming up in the next post…

bless your day!  
soli deo gloria

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  1. Your feathers are so lovely and I am in awe of your fearless use of colors in the threads and have it come out so scrumptious.

  2. A beautiful piece of Feather quilting , against fabric showing its autumn colours . my favorite season . . Great for inspiration.

  3. good thing there are no insects flying about my art studio…when I read your blog my jaw tends to drop! BEAUTIFUL… lolol

  4. Oh my stars, my favorite colors… Nooooo I did NOT lick my computer screen… what makes you ask? lol Seriously, just gorgeous art, thank you!!! My favorite colors… orange, turquoise and purple. Mmmm mmmm good. 🙂
    ~ Christina in Cleveland

  5. I just wanted to thank you for the Superior Titanium Coated needles. I was on vacation but I am about to go in the studio and give them a try. I really appreciate your blog. It is very inspirational to me.

  6. Another one that is too beautiful for words!!! I love orange and blue together – that will be my next quilt colorway!

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