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hey there ~ 

i have always loved the colors in this ornamental cabbage plant.  but they really come to life when it cools down in our part of the country.  i was able to go our beautiful park, here in great falls and get these pics ~

love. love. love. these color combos!

and i took my inspiration from this beautiful plant and also a photo of the crab apples that fell in our yard… 

and what do you know… i just happened to have the perfect hand-dyed, one-of-a-kind-fabric available just for that inspiration ~ from the hands of the delightfully talented vicki welsh

this is the picture and colors of my inspiration beginning: 

and the fabrics, threads… color ideas i used on the fabrics:

thread choices… color combos, embellishment ideas, and sparkle for luminosity, and all of these colors… none of them really “match” ~ but they sure to appeal to me.  so i went with all of them ~ {well – not quite!}  

teal ~ lime green ~ purple, were the main color story, and an additional bit of forest green and warm bark in satin cord {stitched into the binding} to frame up the artistic fabric…

fabric choice for the backing:  lime green.  and the thread is a black masterpiece 100% ELS cotton from superior threads.

the back of the runner using black masterpiece cotton thread {50 wt}
a little purple-red razzle dazzle thread 
echo-quilted on the outside of the feathers
… love the glow.


this hand-dyed fabric is just so addictive, and soooo gorgeous, it keeps inspiring me to try different color combos in threads ‘just to see’ how it will look.

discovery.  color.  wonder!  i love all those blessings.

and announcing the final giveaway to celebrate the three-year anniversary of the blog… i am going to give one away{similar} to these feathered runners i’ve been quilting, to one of you, dear readers.  i don’t know exactly what it will look like… that is part of the fun!  but when i announce the winner, i’ll show it!  that will be on october 28th… so it’s kind of like a ‘blind date!’ lol  {be there or be square!}

but today ~ this post ~ is where you have until october 27th to comment.  what do i want to hear from you?  {so glad you asked!}  i’d love to hear how/where/when/what you’d use a runner like this for your home or holiday table, or any ol’ occasion!

and it’s the friday linking up parties!  joining with in the studio crowd   and the free motion quilting project leah day and ‘off the wall’ linky party too!

of course, this piece is newly listed in my store: {heremy shop is still 20% off for the month of october. 

have a bright, beautiful and get out and enjoy the wild wonder wherever you are!!

soli deo gloria!


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  1. Wonderful work Leslie! As a professional longarm quilter (10 years now) I admire your work. Love those hand dyed fabrics and enjoy seeing what you have achieved with the many great threads you use. I would put your table runner on the wall, it is most certainly art and you are gifted indeed! It would truly be a focal point of any room it is displayed in. WOW, keep on keeping on girl. 🙂

  2. I LOVE how you were able to incorporate the colors in the photo. So beautiful! I love having eye candy for the table. I would probably use a table runner when we have special guests over for a meal!

  3. Wow Leslie!!! Do I hear an echo? That's what everyone says when they see your work! As always, this piece just blows me away! Those feathers are simply MarveLes :*) Do you use the Razzle Dazzle in your top thread, or is it done from the bobbin? I want to play with some I picked up recently – any tips will be welcome!

    I would use this runner as a focal piece in my living room on the table that sits behind my sofa. There's a soft lamp there that glows on whatever I have sitting on the table – it would be fun to redo that area into something fresh and exciting and colorful!!!

  4. I have a bookcase headboard that is rather drab. The color in this would look great there. It would also be a continuing inspiration to me as I continue my free motion journey.

  5. I too would place this gorgeous runner on my large dining table. It would look spectacular there. Love your ornamental cabbage shot too -SO beautiful!!

  6. Your creation is so beautiful! I love how you changed thread color to emphasize certain qualities or to be subtle. I need a table runner to dress up my long table. I usually feed 10 people every night and the poor table sits bare and lonesome between meals.

  7. Unbeknownst to you, you are mentoring me! I would love to see your work in person; not being a table runner kinda person I think this would find a home on the entry door to my studio.

  8. I love art. I collect it and I make it. To be able to extend the idea of art to the table is yet another way to show my friends and family the possibilities of what happens when you combine fabric, thread, dedication and amazing talent! Not to mention, we have 50+ family at our house for holidays – so we have table, tables everywhere… and a few kids on the floor. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work! teresa

  9. Fabulous!! I am in the midst of preparations for my church fair. Everything at the fair is either donated or made by members and friends. Last year we raised over $14,000 and it was all donated to local charitable organization. So I would pass the gift to the First Church " Original " table.

  10. AMAZING!! What an awesome give-a-way! I would use this on my d.r. table for my family dinners! Then,..oh..I would not be able to put it…gosh..I would leave it out ALL THE TIME! lol
    Probubly keep it on my family heirloom hutch..just to feast my eyes on…

  11. Wow!! That Magnifico thread is really amazing on this piece! Does it actually glow in the dark, or just appear to with its sheen and color? There are two places in our home that scream for a runner like this – the marble-topped artisan table in our front room by the picture window, and the top of the bookcase that lives on the landing going downstairs – it's seen every time you use the stairs and cries – just cries! – for something beautiful like this. 🙂

  12. We have a black glass-topped dining table at our new beach condo — which desperately needs a colorful table runner! Beautiful colors, Leslie.

  13. Yayyyyy – another stupendous piece from you Leslie! I think I love the back as much as the front. For a minute I thought you put crystals on it but that lime fabric is delicious.
    I would put this amazing runner on my break front over which hangs my quilt of the season. Now hangs there a wonderful Amish maple leaf quilt. One of your runners would be perfect there!!!

  14. I would love to be a little bird sitting on your shoulder so I could watch you create these master pieces . If I were lucky enough to win I would grace my large antique hutch with your beautiful work . Thanks so much for a great blog and for the chance to win.

  15. Your work is GORGEOUS!! Oh yes, definitely wonderful to meet you! I love your blog and have been learning sooo much! Especially love your quote at the top of your page!
    Cheers, Maer

  16. I would clean off my dining room table for this to have a place of honor, and I don't clean off the dining room table for just any old runner!! The top of that table hasn't been seen for a year! So, see, I really need it!
    LeeAnna Paylor

  17. Another beautiful piece, Leslie! Whenever it goes – table, wall, hutch, place of honor – I know it will be loved!

  18. oh my goodness… this is gorgeous work!! you are so crazy talented and i love to see your creations. we have a darker wood dining room table and something like this would just pop from that! definitely a center piece! xo

  19. What a masterpiece! I might have to get some of those threads. I would put your runner on the coffee table where I highlight the little dishes I buy on holidays. The runner with one dish or tea cup would look great. Thanks for the generous give away.

  20. Your work is so inspiring. I have a long chest style cabinet near our entry. I would love to display one of your table runners there any time of the year! 😉

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