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well, the snow has arrive and is steadily and determinedly coming down from our october skies!  ahhh yes.  glad to have put out some sunflower seed heads for our little birdies yesterday.  it’s gonna be a cold one today.  

so, in that vein, as the leaves will soon make their yearly departure, here is an art quilt that reflects the season of flying leaves, and and artistic expression of it:

{still vicki welsh hand dyed fabric, stenciled as previously posted, with paintstiks, and then I also did leaves using a stencil and my paintstiks, then cut and fused them on top of the quilt.  there are some great resources and tips from cedar canyon textiles if you ever want to take a look.  i purchased my stencil from the quilt store.  {supporting local business ya know!}

the background quilting is just a bit of meandering, ribbony lines to show movement. 

i’m also trying out superior threads, new “fantastico” variegated polyester, 40 wt. thread.  i think it frays lots less than other tri-lobal polyesters i’ve used, including better than superior’s “rainbows” style.

and i’ve tucked angelina fibers behind some of the leaves.  just a smidgen!

and a bright turquoise binding in a curvy edge, and i cut the binding on the bias.  i love turquoise and orange together!

have a great one, and i promise i’ll be staying warm down in the sewing studio, and coming up to see if the snow has stopped yet!  lol


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  1. I do like this one, very autumn. Ha, snow already! I thought we were the cold country up here in Canuckland but we had lunch on the deck, still and yet.

  2. Snow! It has been cold here but then today surprised us all with its warmth. :O And this is especially warming to my heart! Great work!

  3. Love the falling leaves. We are having a cold front move in this weekend. Our high will be 79 and our low 55 🙂 Okay, okay, so I like the warm weather. Enjoy your snow!

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