autumn sweet dreams ~ version two

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oh joyful autumn day~!

our montana weather… has been perfect~perfect~perfect!  lots of color this season… no wind!  no snow!  and bright, blue sunny-big skies shining overhead!

 so ~ here’s version number two, of my orange/blue combos in a feathered table runner, with a similar colorway from the same piece of vicki welsh hand dyed fabric.  i used different colors of thread combos, and a more ‘meandering’ pattern of feathers, drifting over the fabric in different directions, and instead of one spine through the center, there are multiple ones.

the photo below shows the threads i used to stitch this piece, although the peachy pink thicker thread?  no clue!  i purchased this 3-4 years ago, and the label has fallen off, so i have no recollection of what brand/type it is.  {but it is pretty!} it’s rather a satiny type of shine. and a note about the blue, it’s brighter, but the lamp cast a shadow on it, and it looks so much darker than it is on the quilt.  

 essentially four threads on this one; golden yellow, hot pink, peachy pink {thick one}, and turquoise blue, and as you may know by now, i am just swimming in the limelight of this beautiful magnifico thread by superior threads.

did you notice that i stitched the thick peachy-pink thread with a top thread in turquoise blue?  yup.  i think it’s a cool effect ~ just to see what  the contrast  would look like. although it’s not as noticeable as i would have preferred. you can see it much better, up close, and in person.

but oooh, i love this bright orange, and the movement of the feathers through it.  

and ~ what i love best in this piece?  that delicious golden-yellow thread on that maroon-rusty-red fabric!  that is pure delight to my senses.  the second thing i love the most… is the binding fabric with the turquoise thread in the seam.  yup.  my favorite parts.

well, i actually it’s all a favorite.  and why not?  because…

i sure hope you’ve had a wonderful season of blessing & color! … hint~hint… giveaway still open ~ have you commented on that post, yet?!  {i hope so!}  you only have until sunday. and here’s another version i’m playing with now:

joining up with “in the studio” and “off the wall” friday as well as the free motion quilting project! hope you are joining in, too!

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  1. Your colors are so beautiful, Ms. Leslie! They perfectly reflect fall and the loveliness of autumn trees…and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I'm so happy you enjoyed my pictures – it is such a joy when someone is able find beauty in the moments I've been allowed to capture.

  2. Wow! Wow! And another WOW!!! I have to try this feathers. Today I took part in a course of Elsbeth Nusser-Lampe. She made me more brave to try something new. So, let's see, what November will bring…

  3. Just beautiful Leslie!
    So … you lost me on how you stitched down the thicker thread. Did you put it in the bobbin? (bobbinsize it lol)
    Can you squeeze some violet in there…? Purdy please?
    I adore this piece, thank you so much!! Truly GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for all the detailed photos, it really makes me drool.
    I still have some magnifico from when it was called Brights. Sweet thread! I also like Glide thread, have you tried it?
    Take care and thanks again!
    ~Christina in Cleveland

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