Back in The Saddle!

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Anyone remember Hee Haw?  How about that song those men would sing on the show: “Pain, despair, and agony on me…. deep dark depression… excessive misery.”  Well, I don’t know how you could forget those lyrics if you watched the show.  And that’s exactly how I felt this past week. Tooth pain.  Abscess, infection… jaw bone pain.   Ugh!  Thank goodness for penicillin and some much needed super pain meds.   My root canal is set for first thing Monday morning, but I’m told by my doc that will feel good compared to what I’ve been feeling.  Alleluia!  (except for the bill that comes with it — gulp).   Nothing like a little jump start into losing a few pounds… always an upside?!!  LOL.

Meanwhile… back at the ranch!  This is the beginning stages of a wonderful little technique in ‘following the yellow brick road.’ Well, so to speak.  It’s not really a yellow road.  Not exactly.  Although it is yellow!  And it’s not a road, but it IS a great road map!

 And my passenger? Razzle Dazzle thread.  Oh yeah.

 We’re on our way…

 A big, beautiful, and lovely flower print fabric makes for a wonderful drive…

Destination:  Inspiration for flower power.

 As for Thread.  I chose something that would show up better on camera, so for that reason, (and I wanted to use this up as there isn’t much left on the spool) it’s a pretty variegated cotton from YLI; their machine quilting thread.  Otherwise it’s really a better choice to use a polyester, like you see in the pink thread used in the picture below.

 Build your layers of bobbin threadplay as you like.  Be creative!  I think you’ll find it’s an easy way to get there, and a lovely scenic drive you can go on in your bobbin play. I’ll post some more pics of the details, and the finished piece.  

In the meantime, can you think of any names that might suit this little piece?   Hint:  It’s a companion piece to “Bryce Canyon.”

I really enjoyed your comments on “Bryce Canyon” and “Grow” — thank you, your thoughts provoked more of my own, and great fodder for future pieces.  XO!

Bless Your Weekend! I’m sure looking forward to mine!

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