Backyard Bliss !

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Oh for the backyard bliss of playing with a new puppy…

 You know you have puppy joy when you walk into Michaels and think — and then buy toys for a puppy!

 Miss Georgia was tickled pink, too!!!  Run, run, Georgia!

She hasn’t figured out how to run with her new frisbee, *yet*… we have NO doubt, it won’t be long, before she most certainly will.

Pure fun!

 Did you know Border Collies prefer Lilac leaves and blooms as a supplement in their diet??!!

Oh boy.   
We are having a good time now.  
She’s a joy and a terror!  Did we expect anything less?  

Nope.  And it’s all good.  Very good.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Georgia is just too cute! What a joy! My sister has four Border Collies–three stay outside and the oldest is in the house. They are such sweet doggies!

  2. We understand your feelings – we have a new little kitten at our house! I just want to snuggle and play with her all day. She's the cutest thing!

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