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good friday morning to you!

i’ve sure enjoyed playing and in case i forgot to tell ya ~ “i’ve had a great time!”

not only a bit more inspiration for you, in using a stencil, silks acrylic paint, and free motion… but some helpful information on this fabulous paint product, too.

the back of the silk’s acrylic paint jar says this:  “shimmer, shine and twinkle!  brilliant shimmering, semi-gloss acrylic glaze {which means it’s semi-transparent} for paper, wood, fabric, clay and more. extended open time for ease of use. {which means it dries slower than other paint}. for added durability apply water-based polyurethane. drying time is weather dependent — fully cured after 48 hours.”

and my experimentation with heat setting this paint has been educational, for sure.  it’s best to launder the fabric, first.
then after painting, let the painted item dry for at least a day, and then heat set with an iron, but also heat set in a dryer for at least a half hour {very hot setting}.  then i’ve wet the fabric again, and pressed it.  now the test will be to wash it once again, and see how the color holds.  

hint: it’s also very helpful to have a teflon sheet, just to protect the iron surface from any paint transfer. 

i’m going to wash this again… and we’ll see how it holds up!  .

you can see from the picture below, where i had the paint bleed before i heat set in the dryer:

look at that gorgeous transparency!  i love how the plaid of the towel, comes through the leaf, but….!  it turns a different color, when the pink hits the turquoise/green… it’s turns to a purpley periwinkle blue tone, or shades thereof!  

i love it and … ain’t that COOL?!!

now… i also want to say i am doing {more} experimentation!  and i’m playing with a golden product, GAC900 to add to the paint {which is clear fabric paint additive} that may help this to cure stronger and better.  we’ll see!  i’ll be sure to let y’all know, too.

october 4, 2014 in helena montana!  {be there or be square!} lol!  hope you locals can join me for a creative good time in the apron painting class at the prickly pear quilt shop!   i’m so excited to be teaching there!  and i hope to be teaching this towel, t-shirt and apron class locally in great falls, or anywhere else.  will let you know the details as soon as they are scheduled. 

thanks for coming on by this week, and have a fabulous weekend!  we’re looking forward to clear skies after rain and snow days lately.  i am looking forward to some photo-taking good times… heading to glacier park!  i’m hoping the going to the sun road is now again open, after much snow fell in northern montana.


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  1. Very fun with the painting! I believe that storm went over the divide – we have excellent, crisp fall weather at night and warm sunny days. Couldn't ask for better, so we're out enjoying it. Have fun at Glacier!

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