be thankful ~ a painted apron

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hi friends ~

for the time being… i’ve one more apron ‘inspiration’ to show you, and this one right on the target with our changing season ~ autumn.  

i don’t know of many who don’t say that autumn is one of their most favorite seasons, and we are fortunate to live in a landscape where autumn can be spectacular, even if it brings those tinges of cold, and … snowflakes {too early}.

now this little apron is perfect in the symbolism of our seasonal thoughts, turning perhaps to … cooking, baking… and onto thanksgiving… how about pie-baking, which is always on my to-do list!  it’s a lovely thing to pull out a handmade pie from the freezer for that cool, rainy or snowy day.  what a treat!  many years ago, i made pies for extra income {when i was just a young lass!} 

and this apron would be a lovely canvas for a drawing of a pie, wouldn’t it?  or perhaps a pumpkin, or two or three of them clustered together even…  it’s fun to consider all the creative possibilities!

 for those of you who may be cringing at the slightest hint of “having to draw” … no fear!  for the gorgeous stencils available “out there” in the art and crafting venues is far too overwhelming!  this stencil, came from my well-used box of paintstiks, and i enjoyed pulling it out and putting it to a lovely purpose onto the apron.

and i’ve painted it once again, using the silks acrylic glazes. 

TIP:  gotta let them dry at least 48 hours before washing. important to set them using high heat, and/or putting it in the dryer on high heat.  

you may notice on the stem of the leaf that the paint “spread” as i was spritzing it with water to press … and that was because i didn’t do what i said to do {heat setting} ~ above! no worries.  one thing, i don’t mind the look.  and it’s never to late to throw anything back in the dryer, and heat set it.  

these are important to take note of, as this is an apron meant to be worn, washed, and enJOYed!  

i’ve got more “stuff” to show, stencils, stabilizers, blending paints, paintbrushes… and more tips to share…

 i am thankful for all the art world tools of the trade!

 thankful for autumn ~

 thankful for one thousand gifts… and counting…

the threadplay by magnifico threads…
the handwriting ~ by me, leslie…
and the autumn… by the Creator of the Universe!

all the credit goes to Him!

soli deo gloria

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  1. Who wouldn't look and feel beautiful wearing such an apron? It would be downright fun to cook that Thanksgiving turkey and all the trimmings in that lovely apron 🙂

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