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Hi everyone!  Hope you’ve had a great week so far!

Thought I would share how I finish up my bindings.  This method is nothing ‘new’ – that’s for sure.  And I know many people like to do it a bit different.  But this is how I do it, and I learned from my Libby Lehman DVD “A Day of ThreadPlay” which is a wonderful DVD!  I hope some of you may have had the chance to be in her class in Great Falls this past week!

So I’ve squared up the edges of my quilt, using the inside border seam as a reference for the straight edge.  The binding has been sewn on, and the gap below reflects the space that I’ve allowed to finish the binding seam, and so it will meet up with the quilt evenly.

I fold the binding so the folds meet, and press.  This puts a reference fold line, pressed into the binding fabric, so I can see where to sew the line to joint those two ends of binding fabric.

Sometimes, on darker fabrics, like this green batik, I also like to add a bit of a line (on the pressed fold) using my “Sewline” chalk pencils, so I can see where I’m sewing better.  I love this chalk pen!  I use it to mark all my curves for free motion feathers, too.  No sharpening, and it even comes with an eraser.  (Sorry, my thumb is covering the eraser!)  

The white pin (below – wish I had used a brighter colore dpin!) is where I pinned the excess quilt fabric, so it makes it easier to sew the binding ends together…

I open up the folded edges of the binding fabric, pin it, and place them rights side together, to prepare to sew my 1/2″ seam…

I like to use my #37 patchwork foot. Notice I chalked the edge just so I can see for sure where my seam should be.  Be sure to look at the edge of your slide-on table… those markings are mighty handy guides! (And I forgot to take a picture of that — oops!)

Here’s the finished seam, the edges of the binding are back together, pressed, and ready to perfectly fit on the space left to finish up sewing onto the rest of the quilt, nice and flat.

I like to press the binding away from the front of the quilt, just to make it nice and neater in sewing down the backside of the binding to the back of the quilt.

I know alot of folks out there who probably join the binding edges using a 45 degree angled seam.  That’s great, too.  This is a technique I picked up from a video by Libby Lehman.  “A Day of Threadplay.”  And I don’t think it leaves the seam with excess bulk… but perhaps I’m not so picky about it either!  Anyway, I enjoy this finish, and it is easy to do, and quick!

Thanks for stopping by!  I appreciate that you do.  Have a GREAT DAY, everyone.

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  1. I've done binding this way, too. Can't quite get what you mean by pinning the extra fabric. Are you talking about the fabric that is left to be sewn on the last bit of binding? Love those pens, also, since they make such a fine line.

  2. Thanks for the tips, love the fabric too, and now I have something else to look for when we go shopping tomorrow, only 150 miles round trip !

  3. Great tips, we just got those pencils in at the quilt shop, so now I am eager to try one – the lead comes in various colors, too. And the idea of pinning the excess bulk of the quilt – can't wait to use that one!

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