Black Beauty

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How I loved the story of Black Beauty, and remember listening to it on LP (long play records) as a little girl!  You know, remember when *way back when*  we had black and white tv?!  I know some of you remember that time!  My folks thought they had done something really big for all of us, when they came home with a stereo that could play those ‘books’ for us.  How I loved that magical time of just laying on the carpet of the living room floor, all of us kids being quiet, totally engrossed in the storyas we took turns gazing at the cardboard cover with that beautiful horse on it… good times!

Which uh, has *almost* nothing to do with today’s quilt!  Although I do enjoy naming my quilts… and because this piece is also black, and I’m hoping… it will also turn out to be a “black beauty” in it’s very own way. 

With that explanation – here’s the progress so far, on my newest table runner, on black leather, in feathers.

I hope to finish this piece this weekend… and will post more pictures as I decide which style and what color to add the hyper quilting, or maybe not?  

So for kicks and giggles, what do you think?  Should I hyper quilt the inside of the feathers?  And if so, what color should I choose?  

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  1. Oh WOW! I just love, love, love this. Your quilting and thread colors look fabulous. Thank you so much for linking up to Quilty Embellishment Day at Color Me Quilty.

  2. I read Black Beauty way back in the 50s! I was supposed to turn the light out at 8 p.m. but would put my pillow over the bedlight and continue reading way past bedtime then get up again early in the morning to continue reading. It's a wonder I didn't burn the house down! Great classic. Thanks for reminding me.

  3. We grew up with radio programs so I relate. Then we got our kids a record player and record stories. I do luv the texture on your Black Beauty. It seems a good place to stop as I'm for simpler stuff but you do such great work so more might be just the thing, It is 'all' just stitching which is simple enough! lol

  4. Lovely feathers Leslie….YES hyper quilt! Try some greenss, blues, yellows and reds. Go for it girl! Your stitching is bitching! Love Black Beauty!

  5. I haven't learned how to do nice feathers yet, but I have a book on the way. I'm not sure what hyper quilting is, I can sort of guess. I'm sure anything you do wil be gorgeous.
    The piece itself really showcases your beautiful stitching.

  6. Gorgeous colours! I too loved Black Beauty and your post reminded me of my record/book of The Wizard of Oz, something I had completely forgotten about. Thanks for jogging my memory.

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