black leather dressed for autumn ~ a superior thread giveaway

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hello and happy autumn! we were in glacier park this past weekend, and although the weather was rainy, we had a great time… more on that later ~ 

i’m celebrating autumn, and my third year anniversary for the blog!  so…  hope you are ready to celebrate with me, and we’ll start with a ‘superior’ giveaway!!

i have been putting my newest thread love, {that would be magnifico thread}, to the test. 

once again, here’s feather-style quilting on this gorgeous black, faux-leather fabric, and with one of my favorite thread combos:  orange and pink ~ {it’s showtime}

i began with the orange thread color, echoed it once, and then flipped to the backside of the runner, and began outlining with bobbin play, using a copper-colored razzle dazzle thread, {also from superior threads}. tip:  i increase the top tension of my machine for this technique, usually to a 6-7, and i like to use a strong polyester; 40 wt, {like magnifico} which has the strength to pull that thick thread to the top of my quilt.

once the main feather motif was finished, i then turned to the beautiful, tri-lobal, variegated rainbow thread for the quilting of the motifs which surround the feathers. 

and finally, i returned to the center of the feather, and added my hyper quilting of another feather design, inside the original feather motif, using a pink magnifico thread color.

masterpiece is my bobbin thread of choice {my favorite}; a smooth, extra long staple egyptian cotton thread, which is lighter at a 50 wt.  i get  a beautifully balanced stitch with just a slight loosening of my top tension {from 3 to 2.5}. 

and my needle this time?  i chose the superior titanium coated, 90/14 topstitch needle, instead of a leather needle.  it worked great!

masterpiece thread {below} in golden yellow, for the majority of the free motion quilting, as seen from the back:

when completing the bobbin play, the razzle is on my bobbin, and magnifico {the golden brown color} is on the top, in a matching, blendable color.  i don’t mind if it shows a small bit, but i want the razzle… to dazzle!

and ~ this is my thread wall in the studio.  it’s a place for my collection of ribbons, assorted trims,  cords and embellishments, too.

i {also} have a smaller collection of threads that are all kept next to my machine as i work.  this collection includes king tut, rainbows, and now, my new, smaller collection of magnifico.

would you like to try some of this gorgeous thread?  today is the day as i welcome superior as an official SPONSOR to the blog! i’ve been using and teaching about their products for many years, now.  and i can tell you, it’s easy to say: it’s a superior thread giveaway!  the prize?  a thread package of one spool of masterpiece, one spool of magnifico, and one pack of superior’s titanium needles, OR a gift certificate of $25 and you can choose what you’d like to have!

so i hope you’ll leave a comment, telling me … what’s your favorite thread?  or perhaps what’s your favorite fall color{s}? food?  whatever ~ but here’s to hoping you are online, connected, following, and more. {cuz there will be more}

if you’d like to share this giveaway, please let me know that in a separate comment, and you’ll get an extra chance.  and…don’t forget ~ you can subscribe to the blog by email, too! i’m so looking forward to hearing from you!!

giveaway open until sunday, october 6th, 2013.  

enJOY!  and soli deo gloria!

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  1. I love superiors threads! There are still many I would love to try. Your quilting is beautiful, I am still trying to get my nerve up and do more than practice FMQ!

  2. Because my quilting is not yet as good as I would like, I love to use So Fine. It gives me texture, but hides the mistakes.

  3. Beautiful creations, oh my! You are so talented! I have never tried Superior threads but have heard rave reviews!! We just got back from a photo shoot of all the fall colors… Love, love, love this time of year!!!

  4. Oh Leslie, I adore your quilting! The faux-leather piece is phenomenal. You reminded me of leather quilting Ferret does in the UK. Here's a link if you are interested.
    I adore Superior threads and use Bottom Line exclusively in my bobbin. 🙂 Magnifico used to be brights and it is awesome. I also use their top stitch needles exclusively.
    Keep on sharing your gifts … which are many!
    ~Christina in Cleveland, OH

  5. Happy 3rd Blogging Anniversary! You have been a true inspiration for me to do FMQ feathers. I would LOVE the opportunity to win anything from Superior Threads. I am very interested in trying out the titanium needles.
    Thanks for hosting the give away and also for all of the inspiration that you provide.

  6. I've been following your blog for some time and your quilting is just stunning. I'm starting to use Superior thread but can only get it online which makes it difficult matching to my projects.

  7. Your work is absolutely stunning! You don't mention if this giveaway is open to Canadians as well but here's hoping! I use the premium quality threads when I can find them. Love Superior as well as Aurifil. Favourite fall colours? — all of them!

  8. God's Grace is truly a wonderful thing. Your work is truly beautiful! I have tried out the Superior thread and agree that it is a great thread.

  9. I have a few of your runners which I love! The thread colors and shine add so much to the total effect. I'd love to try them and the needles too! I find your blog very informative and I LOVE all the photos–SUPER!

  10. Hi. I just joined your blog and am so excited to see your beautiful quilting. I would like to try some of these dazzling threads on my own quilting.

  11. The only Superior thread I've tried is their Bottom Line bobbin thread. As a top thread, my favorite's been silk, but I'm anxious to try some of Superior's offerings just because of the fabulous results you get! (I jumped ahead and read the post about titanium needles and want to try them, too!)

  12. The only Superior Thread I have tried is King Tut…time to try some others! Your stitching is amazing…not sure my machine would do such a nice job. I didn't know they sold a special needle…I have to go looking for a source.

  13. Wowza on the thread..The colors are so pretty and stand out and or blend in so well with whatever you have to quilt or sew….thanks for the giveaway..Sharing and spreading the word and colors….

  14. I am always inspired when I see your lovely work and I love that you explain what threads and needles you have used. I have used superior threads and loved them but not easily accessible for me other than online and I don't shop online . Thanks so much for the chance to win , it sure would be nice !

  15. Your work is always so beautiful. I have never tried these threads before. I use the Bottom Line Superior Threads for my quilting. Love that it goes and goes, and goes.

  16. Wow that quilting, and the colors, are just gorgeous! My favorite threads are Superior and Aurifil, they just work wonderfully in my machine and quilting beautifully.

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