Blackfoot Moon ~ {it’s available as a pattern too!}

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Happy Friday to you!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!  I’m so excited to show you an image I’ve had floating in my head for quite some time now… and by the way… did you know that I offer all of my patterns wholesale? Just contact me for details! I’m so fortunate to say that my patterns are now offered at Stitchin’ Heaven in Mineola Texas, as well as Pasco, Mt. Vernon and now in Spokane Washington and all the way up to Alaska!  Yay!

It was actually inspired  by some fabric I considered a bit of a “fail!”  {wouldn’t you know}  Yes, it called to me, {again} as I began ransacking through my fabric!  and… it caught my eye. And as I began to look more closely, I became inspired, an knew it was the perfect possibility for an image I’ve had in my designing mind for awhile now.  I decided to add a bit  of painting, using dye-na-flow dye styled paints, and then ~ I also added “silks” an acrylic, metallic paint.  I diluted it with a bit of water, and I what do you know?  I FELL  in  LOVE with this fabric!!  And so it became the background for …


Imagery familiar to me, growing up near the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana.  Cool, summer evening, highlighted with a big ol’ summery moon, and quiet, dusky prairies lit up by that fabulous night sky.

I added clouds with a bit of a batik, to which I also added paint in purples and blues.  Of course, everything is fusible appliqué, featuring my only go-to fusible, Steam-A-SeamLite2.

Slivers of clouds were created free style, cutting little bits of wave from a pre-fused, colorful digital print fabric.  That same digital fabric became the fire in the center of the tipi, and the background for the sun shield {with the peach flower in the center} on the front of the tipi.

And lots of quilting!  {the fun part!} I LOVED quilting that Moon!!  Such a fun fabric, this silver lame’ and it’s very dramatic!!  It totally adds the perfect “feel” to this quilt! I changed up the texture often, from long undulating lines, to creative stipples, and any which way I felt it needed!!

I also decided to add some leaf-like fusible motifs… can you see them?  They are ‘floaters’ on the right-hand side of the tipi.  From the same color value of that pink hue, so they kind of blend, but add a bit of texture and hint of design imagery.  They are floating upwards, like leaves, or perhaps in dreams…

In one of the photos, below, you’ll see a close up of another texture I added with copper paint.  This time applied through a stencil, of  a small, tiny daisy.  I added a bit of it on the right hand side also.  So fun!!  Although I loved the detail of the daisy design, I also wanted to ‘smudge’ it a bit too.  I just had this image of ‘silvery, golden and glowing light’ like it happens on our summer evenings… when you wish the sun would keep setting for a bit longer… because it’s just so jaw-dropping beautiful, you can’t even begin to take it all in!

I did quite a bit of looking on the internet, searching tipi designs.  So many ways to go!!!  But this is a lovely pattern; one you could develop into many other styles so easy, especially with all the great textured fabrics we have available today!  I do my best to include all the tips and hints as I create this gem… and include them in all my patterns. You don’t have to start with a hand dyed or painted piece of fabric.  So many great ombre, and lots of batiks will create this design BEAUTIFULLY!!!

At the urging of friends, I made it into a pattern, so you can make it so very personal to you or for someone else…  available now! $24.






Thanks so much for taking a few moments to read the blog! I’m off to vacation at the lake, but I’ll be posting about another new design, very soon.  Have you seen my “Boot Cut Blooms” quilt and pattern yet?  If not, it’s also available in the pattern section in my etsy shop.  And Facebook page!  Go ahead… check it out!  I sure hope you do!

Bless your weekend!

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