Blue Autumn In the Making

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This is how it began auditioning fabrics for my paintstik leaves.  There is lots of red-purpley and coppery highlights on the leaves, with a medium green batik as the foreground for the leaf itself.  It only shows up on the vein lines, but it also helps the leaf to transition almost as part of the background fabric, picking up on the green in that print of dark navy-ish blue. I will be creating with my paintstiks more this long weekend, and will post more hotos (hopefully I remember to take photos!) next week!

I quilted the leaves first, using Superior Threads, tri-lobal variegated polyester in varying shades of green, turquoisey greens and blues.  I started with a topstitch needle 90/14… switched it out several times… after my thread shredded, and some skipped stitches, and some tension adjustments, as well as some ripping.  Ugh! I finally settled on a MICROTEX (sharp) needle in size 90/14.  The quilting went smoothly from there on out!  

I know these pictures show the green border as kind of ‘out there yucko’ but I promise, it really picks up the green in the threads, in the paintstik colors on the leaves, and in the dark navy blue swirly batik background!

A bit of GLITTER in a royal blue for that evening sparkle…

I kept the shapes of the background quilting subtle.  No sense in putting alot of detail into quilting that really won’t show alot on a dark background.  I kept it soft and wavy, sometimes loop-de-loos, and little tiny whirly circles just because I could.  And I like it.  It ‘glows’ and gives the evening look I was hoping for.  
Look for my final pics tomorrow of the finished runner.  

So what do you think of it so far?  Any other choices you might have made, or suggestions you would have offered?

Be blessed in your day, and thank you for stopping by!


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  1. I love going back after seeing your later posts as to how this turned out. Just beautiful. I am becoming a bit of a "thread head" and love seeing how you've used theme here.

  2. I love your color choices. I want to go right home and make a leaf runner now, but I fear I couldn't make it look as good as you have. Thank you so much for using our threads. As a side note, the MicroTex needle and the Topstitch needle are identical. Dr. Bob made a lot of inquiries and found this to be true. Perhaps you had a "bad" topstitch needle. Either way, I'm happy you found success

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