Blue Autumn On The River

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I did not finish “Red Autumn” — yet!   I just haven’t decided what to do free motion-motif-wise.  So I warmed up by playing with Blue Autumn instead!  I had these extra leaves left over, so I decided to ‘play up’ the bluesey feel and see where it would go.  What you saw yesterday (if you did that is!) is the indoor pics.  Here’s the view from the Great Outdoors.  I shot these by the Missouri River just outside my office window Monday morning this week.

Truthfully, I’m not all that thrilled with my pictures.  It was a cloudy day, which I prefer in terms of colors reading true, and sparkly threads pick up better, too. But I couldn’t quite get the angles I wanted, outdoors.  I really need a clothesline outside the building.  No problem, right?!   And then, there’s only so much time to play!  I had to go to work, and this quilt needed to go to Bernina Silver Thimble as a class sample that day.  If you can join us, we are playing with paintstiks on SEPTEMBER 17th.  I’ll be sharing all my favorite techniques, with hints and tips for shading, blending and making rubbings, as well as using found items from your home.

EnJOY your day! My Fall Give-A-Way is coming Friday!

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  1. Your color sense is so wonderful and the ennergy of your stitching makes me think of twirling leaves. xox Corrine

  2. Lovely!!! I didn't realize you were along the Missouri. I am too. We can see it from our house. And we really saw it good this year, what with the flooding! LOL!

  3. sweet! lovely lovely lovey. I'm doing leaf projects too right now… thanks again for the couching tute. It was great! Love the way you feed the yarns.
    sewing in Saskatoon

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