Blue Snowflakes ~ part 2

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After this piece dried, I took a white sharpie pen and made doodle marks on the paper fabric.   That’s a part of this process that I find very fun, and entirely serendipitous, and also optional.  I did go back and highlight the snowflakes with a touch of the acrylic ink.

 One of my favorite sewing feet: the Bernina #39 foot and the ‘secret hole’ in this foot, which becomes your “ACE in the hole” for embellishment opportunities…  I outlined each of the snowflakes with Razzle Dazzle in silver. If you haven’t seen this couching technique, you can use the search box on this blog, type in #39, and you will see (the numerous) projects I’ve used with this little dandy foot.

 This is what that stitch setting (a zig zag) looks like on the back of this piece.  I used a 1.5 in width, and 3.0 in length.  Loosen the top tension appropriately – this was at least one full number below.  I used the 60 wt thread, “Bottom Line” from Superior threads for the top thread, and I happened to have Isacord 40 wt in white on my bottom.  That way, the white thread, if it does come to the surface, won’t show.  Note: You may to have to play with top tension a bit depending on the type of threads you’re working with.

 A dark picture above, but at least you can see the shine of the thread, and some of the texture of the paper cloth.

I won’t likely quilt the inside diamonds with the same thread… that would be too predictable.  So I’m gonna think about it a bit more. 
Another addition to the piece, was made by adding another version of snowflakes.  Rather unplanned, but as I examined this fabric scrap, the idea hit me, and I thought they might pass for snowflakes… and I think they do! They are cut from remnants of a lacey knit fabric I made a scarf out of (which happens to be for sale in my Etsy shop).  I really dig the organic shape of the pieces. I will experiment some more, and let you know.  That’s as far as I’ve gotten for now…
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  1. oh my it looks so cooooool. I just went to our local quilt shop here in Naples FL and the owner said she just got back from a Bernina meeting and the 1008 Couching foot is underway and should be out in the market soon! I am so excited and stoked! Cant' wait to learn more.
    Meanwhile I bought all kinds of goodies from Superior Threads and gathering my embellishments. I am currently working through the "Threads The Basics and Beyonds" book. It is hard to get started, every little passport page is a big project. SEW I TAKE ONE AT A TIME. LOVE IT LESLIE!

  2. Bad guys, black hats. Good guys, white hats. There are white sharpies??? I need to get galloping so I can change hats, I mean sharpies. I wanna be a good gal, like you. LOL You definitely have snow happening. Awk, more white. Very pretty.

  3. The couched thread really gives the snowflakes sparkly definition. I'll have to see if my machine has a foot like that. It's a basic, non electronic Pfaff). I like the white lacy bit you added too.
    I was also playing with my machine plus paint today. Isn't it fun?

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