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good friday to you all ~

it has been fun to experiment with hand dyed fabric, adding a bit of color and pattern using a stencil i’ve had for a while now, {from stencil girl products} and the lovely and ever-lasting shiva paintstiks.  and of course, blending leaves and adding them on top is like taking me to a candy store!  i love doing it.  plus, it makes for a creative flow of possibilities, and it’s so fun to lift off the stencil, and go … “cool!”  always a bit of surprise, and pleasantly so!  

with that, here is the next little autumn art quilt:

the quilting is nothing to write home about, but i wanted to see what it would truly look like to quilt over the stenciled design, so i went for it.  sometimes the risk is worth the understanding of what you like {and what you don’t}.  there is nothing sacred, and it’s all good.  that’s what is so fun about it.  nothing ventured… nothing gained!

so i decided to quilt the background on this one.  i feel it does compete with the underlying pattern, but at the same time, it’s texture, and very appealing color, and because the leaves are pretty plain, i think it works great! 

i think we have a tendency to see our work as “pass/fail” or “good/bad” but that thought pattern can lead us down a narrow dark road at times.  there is always a place for improvement, and that room is called “get on the sewing machine and try it again” — not something you call “i messed up” or “this is ugly!”  

we get to enjoy the process, and at the same time, our skills improve as we learn and grow.  that includes design decisions, and well as “what-if’s” and of course, there is always more to learn.

each leave was edged with a thick thread {via my beautiful #39 foot}.  this method takes patience, and some skill with placement, but easily accomplished with practice time!

class sample

size is about 8×10″ and a bit of curvy edge with bias cut binding, a beautiful hand-dyed yarn couched as a framing enhancement, and additionally, a bit of dazzle dazzle couched inside of the yarn.  it truly does sparkle!

we’ll be exploring all those concepts, ideas and quilting design {and more} in the november 8th, missoula class at the quilt shop, timeless quilts and friends.  

blessings on your day! 

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  1. This blog is so fun to read. I love the leaves framed… very pretty, and I'd like to say inspirational, but I'll never do anything like this. Maybe in my next life? Thanks for sharing your projects, Leslie, they are the definition of eye candy.

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