bobcat prowl ~ my new collage pattern!

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good morning folks ~

here he is.  several students and customers have asked about “when i was going to do a bobcat?” well, here it is:   my montana bobcat collage, titled “bobcat prowl.”  he’s right at home, and on the hunt in  “the bob” ~ that’s the montana nickname for the Bob Marshall Wilderness area in the rocky mountains.  as a young kid, we went into the area by horseback. great memories for me!

and so he is inspired from blue and gold. {of course ~ the msu bobcat colors}.  i collaged him with not only blues and golds, but a bit of brown and black, and a splash of beige and a bobbed tail in white as well as the round cheeks.  fun!!  the dark navy-ish and royal blue night sky makes a great background in this wintery scene as the cat is on the hunt, and sauntering through some snowy drifts, too!  

and for quilting, just two thread choices; a magnifico polyester in blue, and a razzle dazzle in sapphire blue {a dark navy, really} to add a touch of glow and light to the dark night evening.

i finished with a curvy bottom, and the binding is a “cat eye” type of fabric {as i call it} ~ a nice touch in gold, and it’s all cut on the bias.

my new pattern of course, like all the others, can be found locally, in great falls at the quilt-away and also at the sewing palace bernina in helena {love our local shops}… and in my etsy store, too. and you can get it on SALE for 25% off ~ still!  hurry, only until november 1st.  coupon code:  GLORY26.

thank you for your support!  i am so very appreciative, and it is my great pleasure and honor to do so!  i love to add something special to each order, and i am so blessed to be able to pursue “my great adventure” as i develop other ideas and patterns.

looks like we’re in the weather path to receive a bit of wind and even possibly snow today!  november is upon us, and i cannot believe it’s time for winter weather already.  {but then again, here in montana, we should always be ready}. it’s all good!

and i’m grateful for each and every one of you and have a blessed day wherever you are.

thank you so much for stopping by!
soli deo gloria!

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