BOOKMARKS and Bernina Foot 2A

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These are pieces of leftover embellished fabric from a quilted scarf. 

After trimming the edges of the scarf, these pieces were made into bookmarks.  

There are many possibilities of finishing the edges… metallic paint, yarns twisted to make a rope or a satin stitch zig zag.

A very useful skill is to employ the zig zag satin stitch with the #2 foot; which is included in every Bernina machine as a standard foot.

Why is it so great?  Because it makes a really beautiful RAISED satin stitch!

Align the outer right-side edge of the foot (not the toe) with the edge of the fabric.  Ensure that the right-hand swing of the needle covers the right hand edge of the fabric; adjusting your width as needed to do so.  Set up your machine for a zig zag with a satin stitch… this means approximately .6 inches in length and width as you prefer it for your project. This foot is designed to be used with stitches that overlock or overcast the edge of the fabric, keeping edges flat , reinforcing those edges, and preventing tunneling of your stitches.  A win, win, win! A great alternative to a serger overlock stitch… only with your home sewing machine… a stitch and foot that is often underused and overlooked!
make sure your needle position doesn’t have your needle hitting the little metal bar!
Do you see the little metal bar below? That’s your secret weapon! The needle will stitch OVER it, creating a slightly ‘raised’ feel, giving YOUR stitching a very lovely look!

And it looks a bit like this.  Hard to show the dimension in the picture, but I did my best!
I love it for finishing edges and seams on wovens, like these bookmarks I’ve made.  It’s sturdy, practical, and best of all, it gives it a professional looking finish!
Here are some “Tested Techniques”  from my “FEETURES” Bernina Foot book for the #2 foot. If you’ve never given these books a look; I hope you’ll do so when you have an opportunity.  Wonderful resource… filled with lots of color projects/applications for every foot Bernina sells.  If you aren’t sure about buying a foot… and want to know more, go look it up in the book, ask the dealer to let you borrow the foot, and take it for a test drive in a live demo … before you buy!
Here are some samples of some other bookmarks I made…

In the peachy colored bookmark below, I also used leftover pieces from the silk, quilted table topper I made earlier; that post was called “Pick Up Stix Glitz” where I featured the Bernina #39 foot.  So fun!  You can see it here.

And one of my personal favorites: (see my post on this foot) at this link:  #43 free motion couching foot) for couching on cords effortlessly in any direction you desire… loops, soft curves, tight curves; you can do it all quite flawlessly with this foot.

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