Bryce Canyon Sunrise

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Here’s my interpretation of a contemporary and abstract landscape — from pictures I’ve seen of Bryce Canyon.  I began with a batik print, and one of my free motion feet with the super wide cup on it.  If you have a Bernina BSR you have a similar foot attachment for it that looks like this, only smaller.  Great for when you want to attach something that ‘sticks up’ or is fluffy.  In this case, I used it to efficiently and effectively stitch down some angelina fibers, and an unruly ladder style yarn.  They don’t get so easily caught up in the foot when you can keep them flat to the surface.

This is the foot Bernina made for use with their cutwork tool and software, but I love it for other reasons! This is Cut-work foot #44. I switched out to my go-to girl; the  #29 clear free motion foot to finish most of the quilting, as the bigger plastic cup gets in my way visually when I want to do precise line quilting. But first, this is how it began, with a batik fabric, approximately a fat quarter size piece of fabric.

 I originally thought it might work with the Three Creative Studios color palette challenge… which is a kind of watermelon green and red-pink tones. But I think it’s a bit too orangey for the colorway.  But it was fun trying! Maybe next time?!  By the way, I ordered some FABULOUS new hand-dyed material from Vicki Welsh.  Have you seen her blog, her Etsy storeher FABRICS?! Beautiful.

 Angelina, I love your blingy goodness!  And of course, I cannot forget to mention it’s soul mate, my all-time favorite metallic-styled GLITTER thread (from Superior Threads.  Hmmm uhm good!  (Where’s that Campbell’s soup kid when I need him?!)

I used Glitter thread in a silver, and also in a grass green.  I also chose some furry-fuzzy yarns in those same deep, dark and gorgeous tones of red, brown, green and turquoise as further embellishment.  Free motion, and traditional couching techniques employed!

And of course, I couldn’t leave out the Rainbow and King Tut threads, or they would have hurt feelings!  And I finished with a Razzle Dazzle in silver … just a few quilted lines of it.

I cut some slightly curvy edges with the rotary cutter, and with right sides together, added a facing type of finish.  Trimmed the corners, cut a slit in the back, & turned it right side out; pressed it nice and neat.  The quilt label will be fused over the slits in the fabric to cover them up.

This was so much fun to make!   AND it’s a really great way for YOU to practice different techniques and create a valuable sampler for your own use!!  It’s only about 8″x10″ for size. A little bit of bobbin play, free motion couching, traditional couching… and lots of texture, shine and shimmer!  

So does it look like a sunrise?  Perhaps a sunset?  Do you think it’s looks like a desert? Bryce Canyon? (I hope?!)  Tell me what you think…

I have another small piece  of the same batik fabric, and I’m going to play with it next! Got a new, different idea in mind.  I hope you will check back and see what I’ve got in the creating pot!  When it’s finished maybe we should take a vote…a beauty contest perhaps?  Maybe even a prize?  Hmmm…. Sounds like a party to me!  Yahoo Magoo!  

“Bryce” is for sale  in my Etsy shop.  Thanks for stopping by, as always!


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  1. Beautiful work! You may be interested to see my version of Bryce Canyon park. I did a large more figurative piece. You have a great blog, and I know you are a true artist! Look on, portfolios, desert series and you will see. Our approach to surface design is similar-I love Angelina and have a large collection of Glitter.

  2. I think it is amazing how you can look at a piece of fabric and see such beauty in it, I am not sure most people have your vision and see with such color and sparkle that you do. Truly speaks of your happy spirit. I love it !!

  3. MY! I have to look up this #44 foot. I can't do cutwork. vbsigh But I can couch and meander and play. Luv this very cool edge finish. This is a lovely piece. I'm just not sure where your horizon is. But then you are heavenly minded and hence the blurry dividing line!!! ;^)

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