Bubble Wrap & Graffiti?!

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From my Sunday… dig out!  time.  This fabric was in that pile, which I had dyed a long time ago, gosh, probably over a year ago. It was an experimentation with layering, bubble wrap paint texture, handwriting, and ….
a tad bit of the graffiti-styled (such as I know – which isn’t much, just FYI!) LOL

 And decided last evening: CUT IT UP!

 They’d make fun bookmarks, or … whatever.

I think of my ‘piles’ as a round-robin type of thing! And it’s evident in my sewing studio, going from the “what to do with it” pile to the “I know what I’m gonna do now, so let’s get it done” — pile!  It’s stackin’ up!

and linking up with “The Beauty In His Grip”

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  1. Ooooh! I love the different layers of design on this! I can imagine it on a t-shirt! It's very up to date and eye-catching! You are so creative…bubble wrap! Amazing!

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