butterflies for bernie ~ repurposed? {not yet!}

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hi there ~

here’s a sweet remembrance {from over twelve years ago} of patiently stitching {over forty} butterflies…  and especially patient given it’s the triple-stitch version of the blanket stitch applique.  {and nine pieces for each butterfly} but! that was exactly what i did, because i had a new sewing machine, and {nothing better to do, apparently!}

but i was thrilled to use my new machine!  i remember coming home on my lunch hours, and spending 20 minutes stitching a butterfly or two.

and that is what i recommend to every student i teach who has a new machine. get to know your machine and all it’s functionality, taking {what you love} a pattern, fabric, thread, and enjoy watching your knowledge confidence grow and build so you can enJoy it!

in this project, i focused on my love for batiks ~ it was very  appealing to use batiks, mixing and matching them. Each butterfly is completely different and has it’s own personality.

and my quilting?  not so hot.  but i loved doing it!!  once again, it’s rather humorous, looking back at it… and that’s just fine, really. 

alot of folks have commented to me: “oh, i wish i was that talented” … but do not always realize… that it has been years, and thousands of hours {mostly} happily stitching away… and learning to troubleshoot all kinds of issues… learning, growing, and learning… growing!

there are lots of big, jumpy stitches, then little ones in my fmq. frayed threads.  but it’s still pretty, and i loved the process.

… about that blanket stitching… it would have been so much easier had i placed the horizontal stitching off the edge, instead of trying to place it exactly on the edge… and so here are some hints and tips for applique stitching i’ve learned:

1. use an open-toed foot {love my bernina #20} and be sure to use the inside edge of the right side toe, as your guide.
2. change needle position to the far right
3. use a topstitch needle 90/14
4. stitch slower {machines don’t like to do decorative stitches at high speeds, and you won’t have a good-looking, perfect stitch.
5. match your bobbin thread color if you are seeing bobbin thread come to the top and/or  lower your top tension {most newer machines automaticall do this when you select a decorative stitch}
7. keep your eye on the edge of the fabric, not the needle, and keep the edge of the fabric/applique aligned with the inside {right} edge of the #20 foot!

these following pics are from the back side:

and these days… i would probably not choose to free motion over the top of the applique {usually}.

 this was one of my favorite batik combos:

and yes, even back then… i was using superior threads.  {they’re just one of the best!}

and a pattern  {like you’ll be surprised} from SEW BE IT.  i don’t think this one can be purchased anymore, unfortunately. it is so sweet, isn’t it?  

“sew” now… what i am going to do with this quilt?  {i’m not sure!}  each one of these butterflies is supposed to have antennae, which are made up of beads, sewn by hand.
i think i’m only interested in two options. either i finish it {not likely} or… cut it up. my first idea is to cut out the center square – the largest inside one, finish and bind it as a smaller, square runner.  theat leaves the remaining ‘outter’ squares of butterflies to deal with. 
i want to save them…
but for what?
{i don’t have a clue} 
got any ideas you’d like to share?
thanks for hangin’ out here with me.

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  1. Like anyrhing else…10,000 hours of practice right? They still look sweet. I see them as a coat! xox

  2. And this is why I am trying to finish things because those early projects are hard to revisit. I'd not cut it up but I'd donate it to a seniors residence that has a lounge. I bet lots of seniors have memories of quilts in their past and it would spark lots of conversation. You have come a long way, babe! 😉

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